Church Camp 2019


We’re 25, and we’re UNSTOPPABLE!

UNSTOPPABLE is when you’ve never had a spiritual retreat with the Zion Bishan BP family before, and this year is going to be your first!

UNSTOPPABLE is when we’ve been so challenged in our personal lives, and we now want to seek refuge to hear Him!

UNSTOPPABLE is when we open up and start building communities of love and support!

UNSTOPPABLE is when many of us ask “Are you sure?” of some ministry or project, and God pushes ahead anyway!

UNSTOPPABLE is God advancing the gospel and moving in our lives!


What will our Unstoppable Camp be like?

It will be a chance for us to spend quality time worshipping, sharing, serving and dining together.

Led by our guest speaker Pastor Denesh Divyanathan (The Crossing Church), we have a programme all lined up for you – worship, wake-up calls (we’re referring to the sermons), seminars, afternoon games and R&R activities, and the perennial durian (ok, and maybe a little of other fruit) night. And for the first time at camp, we’ll have an opportunity to embark on outreach visits to selected village communities or social projects! There will also be some youth sessions as well as a concurrent kids camp too!

Ultimately, it’s really time for us to just snap out of our routines and hear what God would like to say to each one of us as individuals, and also to us as a church, as we forge ahead beyond 25 years. How will God continue to shape us?

Unstoppable? Register Now! Early Bird is until 17 March!