What’s the Goal? That each member of the church is being equipped and discipled regularly in areas of Bible Knowledge, Doctrine, and Spiritual Formation toward spiritual maturity and service (from Eph 4.11-16).

When and Where is it? Sunday, at two time slots: 9.00 – 10.15 am and 1.30 – 3.00 pm; in Conference Room 1 (Level 3).

What’s in it? Three teaching tracks:

  1. Biblical: What does the Bible say? – includes studies on books of the Bible.
  2. Doctrine: What do we believe? – includes classes based on the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  3. Formation: How do we live? – includes teaching on spiritual disciplines, family-based programmes, living as Christians in our world.

Who’s it for? All members, friends and visitors of Zion Bishan.

Do bear with us as we develop this curriculum over the next 2 years and train up a team of teachers from our current leadership.

Sign-up at the Info Desk.

Jul-Dec 2017 Schedule

9.00 – 10.15 am Classes

Parenting with Confidence

Biblical Track
9 July
by Maybeline Chia

This sharing is a teaser for the Parenting with Confidence course where parents and grandparents can be encouraged to pick up some skills and ideas to build into their family and bless their children and grandchildren.

Acts of the Apostles: Book Study

Biblical Track
Till 23 July
by Elder Lee Soon Tai

In this sequel to his gospel, see how Luke continues his account of how God through Christ has been working out, and continues to work out, His intention to bring salvation to those who are lost and dead, and how this Good News spread, by the power of the Holy Spirit, from Jerusalem to Rome.

Recovering First Principles: Revisiting the Ten Commandments

Biblical Track
16 July – 24 September
by Pastor David Wong

We can recite the Ten Commandments (at least a few of them) but do we believe they are still relevant and necessary? As we see divine order challenged and overturned, we need to recover the fundamental principles behind each of God’s commandments. Using Pastor David’s book, Recovering First Principles, we will revisit the Ten Commandments and apply them to our lives today. Sign up at the Info Desk.

1.30 – 3.00 pm Classes

Work, Missions, Christian Identity: Exploring your Christian identity at Work

Formation Track
23 & 30 July

Explore your Christian identity at work. A huge part of our day and our lives is spent at work. Work can be hard and frustrating, but also deeply satisfying and meaningful. What does God’s word have to say about our work? What really matters in the light of eternity? This 2-week ADC will help uncover how work is intrinsically linked to mission and our Christian identity through teaching, industry-specific focus group discussions with Christian brothers and sisters in the same/similar sector.