Domestic Helpers Fellowship

Domestic Helpers Fellowship (DHF)

We meet with the helpers for fellowship and bible study every Sunday morning: 8.45am in Room 105 conducted in simple English, and 10.30am in Room 103 in English and Bahasa Indonesia. We use obedience-based participative bible study (“Discovery Bible Study” or “DBS”) to introduce non-believing helpers to Jesus, and to disciple the believers. DBS is easy for people who don’t speak English as a first language and non-threatening for people from different faith backgrounds. It is a simple, replicable method that disciples use to hear God’s Word, obey and share. When ladies move on to other employers or go home, we hope that they can start their own DBS groups.

We also want to help families be good employers. At church camp, we shared about our ministry. In September, we conducted an Adult Discipleship Class on how to be godly employers. And in December, we partnered with an AG to organize a Christmas party for domestic helpers.