Land Lease Renewal Fund (LLRF)


1. What are the key dates for the Land Lease Renewal?

We will commence the lease renewal application on June 2021, which will take 6 months to complete. After completion of the application, Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will assess the value of the land and let the church know the cost of the lease renewal, which needs to be paid upfront in full.

2. What is the rationale behind the target amount to be raised?

The target amount is an estimate after analysing past transactions of land lease renewals by other churches and also factoring annual land cost increase.

3. What if we can’t raise the amount in time?

The church will consider the following options:
a) Interest free loans from members and other churches and organizations
b) Negotiating for a shorter lease with SLA
c) Combination of (a) and (b)

4. How can I contribute to the LLRF?

You can contribute in the following ways:
a) Praying for God’s provisions towards the LLRF
b) Giving to the LLRF whether in cash or kind
c) Serving with your talents for fundraising

5. What if I want to contribute in kind (financial assets/jewellery)?

The church welcomes any contribution in kind. However, we encourage members to convert the donation to cash before contributing to the LLRF.

6. How can we pray?

You can pray in the following ways:
a) God will provide the financial resources to the members
b) God will move the hearts of people to give generously
c) God will move the hearts of the authorities to give us a reasonable price
d) God will give us the faith to believe He will provide