Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church Welcome

Welcome to Zion Bishan!

Join us for our Sunday Services:
8.30am Mandarin service 华语崇拜
8.30am/10.30am/3.00pm/5.00pm English service
9.00am Hokkien service
9.30am Tamil service
10.30am Mandarin-English service 华英崇拜
10.45am Cantonese/Mandarin service 粤华崇拜

English Services: Ephesians Series

View English Service Recorded Sermons

Livestream Services:

View Chinese Service Livestream
8.30am Chinese Service

8.30am Mandarin Livestream 华语崇拜直播 (link)
10.45am Cantonese/Mandarin service 粤华崇拜直播 (link)
10.30am Mandarin-English service on Zoom (Meeting ID: 83150901877)
10.30am English service (link)


PA Volunteers Needed

The PA team thanks those who’ve stepped up to serve and while it has helped reduce the resource gap, a deficit still stands to serve the 4 English services.  The PA team is looking for...