Order of Service

27 September 2020
English Services & 10.30 am Livestream

Call to Worship

Meditative Hymn: Your Word

Scripture Reading: Joshua 9:1–27 ESV

Message: The Gibeonites: A Pattern of Faithfulness

Response Hymn: By Faith

Missions Focus

Corporate Life & Prayer




Note: Holy Communion will be served at all in-person services


We are pleased to welcome you to worship with us! If you are new to Zion Bishan, do drop us a note on our contact form and our hospitality team will get in touch with you in the coming week. Please use the same contact form if you want to find out more about our faith, or about our activities and programmes.

Our Sunday services at a glance

In-Person Sunday Services in August
(Registration required):

8.30am Mandarin/Cantonese service
9.30am Tamil (only 2 Aug)/Hokkien service
English service

8.30 am
English service — Sanctuary L1
Children’s Discipleship — please ask at the Hospitality or Info Desk
Mandarin service — Chapel L4
(8.45 am) Domestic Helpers Fellowship (English) — Room 105 L1

9.00 am
Hokkien service — Auditorium 2 L4

10.30 am
English service — Sanctuary L1/2
Cantonese-Mandarin service — Chapel L4
Tamil service — Music Room L3
Mandarin-English service — MPH L1
Domestic Helpers Fellowship (English-Indonesian) — Room 103 L1
Children’s & Youth Discipleship — please ask at the Hospitality or Info Desk

1.30 pm
Adult Discipleship Class

5.00 pm
English service — Chapel

Join us for our livestream.
Mandarin & Cantonese-Mandarin service
English service

Join us for Zoom Services
(Registration required):
Domestic Helpers Fellowship 1 (English, Tagalog & Myanmar groups)
Tamil service
Mandarin-English service
Domestic Helpers Fellowship 2 (Indonesian groups)

Join Children/Youth Discipleship Classes
(Registration required):

Serving You Today

Speakers: Mr Vernon Quek/Deacon Danny Chua
Worship Leader:
Pastor Alby & Elder Roland
AV: Benny Ling, Goh Han Teck, Christina Wong, Matthaeus Lim & James Kok
Pianists: Lee Ping Lin & Penuel Lau

English Services: Grace & Mercy Cluster
Pastor: Zheng Haoren & Dev Menon
Elders: Elder Roland & Pastor Ebi Mohan
Deacons: Dns Alice, Dn Danny & Dn Sunil
Staff: Li Hui & Vernon

Songs for personal worship and reflection:

Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastor 9844 9536
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastor9829 6051
Rev Zheng Haoren, Pastor (Comm Dev’t)6353 8081
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil)8198 9696
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mandarin) 9489 4967
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cantonese-Mandarin)9182 6957
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mandarin-English)8428 0525
Rev Dr David Wong, Advisory Pastor
Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa, Pastor Emeritus
Ministry Staff (more info)
Dn Paul Yeo, Hokkien Ministry9751 1897
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projects9001 2926
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministry8388 1883
Mrs Ruth Quek, Children’s Ministry9728 7145
Mr Vernon Quek, Y. Adults/Evang.9796 0196
Mr Linus Koe, Family/Media 9728 9343
Mrs Sharon Quek, Trg/Mobilisation9788 0195
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Staff 9060 8340

Sermon Notes

Speakers: Mr Vernon Quek & Deacon Danny Chua

The Gibeonites: A Pattern of Faithfulnesss
Joshua 9:1-10:2

Intro: The Story so far… vv. 1-2

The Gibeonite’s Cunning: vv. 3-15

The Gibeonite’s Faith: vv. 16-27

Conclusion: What do God’s faithful people look like?

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. What stood out to you from the sermon or the passage?
  2. Have an honest reflection of your life – are you more like Israel who did
    not consult the Lord or the Gibeonites who believed and acted on God’s
  3. How does this chapter help us to appreciate Christ?
  4. What is one thing that you should do in response to what we have heard
    from Joshua 9 today?

Prayer Points

Our Church

100pax In-Person Sunday Services – Thank God we are ready to conduct 100pax services starting next month. Pray for every member to consider deeply why it is good for us to meet physically. Let us all prayerfully consider the Pastoral Word from the Session (p.7) and re-accustom ourselves to gathering for services twice a month.

May our Lord bless the gathering of saints, and may each of our hearts be built up from His Word and love from fellow believers.

Missions Focus – Today, we heard the testimonies from the beneficiaries of Zion Bishan’s Food Aid and S3P initiatives. Pray for wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading on how to continue engaging certain households from the Food Aid, beyond September. Pray also for our guest stayers to be able to find suitable long-term accommodation. May Jesus be their strength and comfort for all the challenges ahead of them.

Our People

Elders and Deacons – Thank God for the newly elected and re-elected leaders at our ACM yesterday. Pray for God’s grace, gifting and wisdom to guide them in their next term of service in their respective ministries.  

26th Anniversary Committee – Thank God for seeing Zion Bishan through another year. Pray for the planning committee to work out the details to bring the many parts, like recordings, special items, live-streaming and in-person service attendance, all together. May we remember God’s faithfulness to us and let us praise and give Him glory.

Our World

South India – The elderly couple from our ministry partner here has made good recovery from COVID-19. They send their many thanks to Zion Bishan for standing with them in this time. Praise God that a second test for COVID-19 that they took recently has come back negative. Please pray that they will continue to recover and regain their health as they are ageing and have pre-existing health conditions.

West Nepal – Our partner here thanks Zion Bishan for all our love and support.  Praise God that Nepal has partially ended its lockdown and believers in three places have rejoiced to be able to meet together. They are also glad that 20 students were able to start classes at the Computer Institute that has opened. English and mathematics tuition classes have also begun. One of the English and math tutors is Brother Prakash, whom we prayed for in June when he suffered a stroke. Praise God he has recovered well enough to be able to teach. Pray that their efforts will effectively reach Nepali and Tibetan youths with the truth and love of Christ.

Info for Giving

For tithes and offering:
General & Missions Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901056-3
PayNow: T10SS0029GGMF

To donate towards the
ZB COVID-19 Mission Relief Fund:

General & Missions Fund
(Use information above)
Indicate “CV19 MRF” in remarks

To give towards the
Land Lease Renewal Fund:
General Project Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901055-5
PayNow: T10SS0029GGPF
(please indicate Land Lease Renewal Fund on back of cheque)

If giving by cheque, please mail to Zion Bishan B-P Church, 4 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579792. Please provide your CONTACT NUMBER on each cheque

Church Family News

Looking Ahead

Friday, 2 October
8 pm: Zoom Prayer Meeting (Registration required):

Saturday, 3 October
4 pm: Youth Fellowship (Registration required):

Sunday, 4 October
English Services:
10.30 am & 1 pm: Light & Joy Cluster Services with HC
(Register at
Pastor: Alby Yip
Elders: Eld Michael Gan & Eld Reginald Tan
Deacons: Dn Kin Yip, Dn Justin & Dn Jerry
Staff: Emily & Jacqueline

3pm & 5pm: Faith & Patience Cluster Services
(Register at
Pastor: Dev Menon
Elders: Eld Foo Say Chiang & Eld Jeffrey Lim
Deacons: Dn Mervyn, Dns Sherena, Dn Benjamin & Dn Timothy
Staff: Linus & Zhiwen

Sermon Series: The Book of Joshua
4 Oct – Joshua 10
Pastor Alby Yip (10.30am/1.00pm)
Pastor Ebi Mohan (3.00pm/5.00pm)

11 Oct – Joshua 11-12
Pastor Dev Menon (10.30am/1.00pm)
Mr Quek Tze-Ming (3.00pm/5.00pm)

18 Oct – Joshua 13-19
Mr Ng Zhiwen (10.30am/1.00pm)
Pastor Dev Menon (3.00pm/5.00pm)

25 Oct – Joshua 20-21
Deacon Danny Chua (10.30am/1.00pm)
Mr Ng Zhiwen (3.00pm/5.00pm)

Pastoral Word

Pastoral Word from the Session

Dear Zion Bishan Family and Friends,

As we mentioned last week at the 1030am service, we’re thankful that we have been permitted to run 100pax in-person Sunday Services. In light of that, we want to share a short word of exhortation and to explain again why we are encouraging each of you to consider coming back in person for physical services on Sundays.

(1) First, worshipping our God together as a physical church family is God’s good design for His people. Scripture urges us in Hebrews 10 to “consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” (10:24-25). It is true that we do not need to physically attend Church to be Christian. But when we assemble in person (i.e. incarnate), we reflect God’s design for church that we see in Scripture, as a redeemed people gathered physically to hear Him speak from His Word, and to commune with one another.1

(2) Secondly, the leadership has intentionally arranged for more in-person services in Cluster pairs for a spiritual reason. The AG-cluster system does facilitate smoother organization and administration. But the main goal of the AG-cluster system is and has always been spiritual in nature – it’s about pastoral care, discipleship and fellowship. Incidentally, it’s the current pandemic that has highlighted these important aspects about our AG-cluster system!

We believe that we have a great platform for long-term spiritual growth with the present cluster pairs and now 4 in-person services. We appreciate and thank those who have out of concern for our pastors and preachers suggested having only 2 in-person services since we can meet in groups of 100. However, we see the spiritual blessing of meeting in person as a worshipping community, in ways that are not served as well by online gatherings. We do not want to maintain status quo in a survival mode. Where it is safe and permissible, increasing our frequency of worshipping in person will reap spiritual benefits.

(3) Thirdly, we thank God for the authorities that He has wisely instituted. They have, by God’s grace, guided and contained the local virus situation. Society as a whole is slowly moving towards larger scale gatherings (e.g. MICE conferences of up to 250pax). Hence, more and more churches too will be allowed to increase the number of people returning to in-person worship services. Lastly, we want to assure you that we understand some of us prefer to return for in-person worship services later for safety, health or personal reasons. We will continue to live stream the 1030am service. However, we encourage that you keep in close touch with your AG or even meet in small groups of five. Please contact any of our pastors if you are not in any AG or are not a member so we can try to link you up with other members.

We seek your continued partnership in prayer and support of the pastors, elders, deacons and AG leaders as we adapt to the evolving situation. Thank you especially for your patience these past months.

Zion Bishan BP Church

[1] Please read also articles previously written by Elder David ( and Elder George (


In-Person Sunday Services in October

Thank God we have been approved to conduct in-person Worship Services for up to 100 people – up to 50 each in the upper and lower sanctuaries.

Each Cluster Pair may now come for worship twice a month. The service schedule may be viewed at

Please register for services by your specific Cluster link below:
Light & Joy Clusters:
Faith & Patience Clusters:
Hope & Peace Clusters:
Mercy & Grace Clusters:  

Communion will be served at 1030am and 1pm services only (so we will return to our usual monthly frequency for Communion).

If you are unsure of which Sunday you should register for, or if you are a non-member who worships with us, do contact your AG leader or any of our pastors.

Visit to view our Safety Management Plan and to check which Cluster your AG is in. There will be no ADC, CD, YD or other activities on Sunday.

Zion Bishan’s 26th Anniversary Service
24 Oct, Saturday, 4.00pm-5.30pm

More details to come soon!

Email Spoofing and Scam Alert

Members and friends, please be informed that our church staff have been receiving scam emails that have spoofed Snr Pastor Alby’s name. We want to alert you of this and to carefully check the sender’s email address if you receive any emails from the church staff.

Thank you for your cooperation and apologies for any inconvenience cause.

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