Order of Service

5 July 2020
10.30 am Livestream

Call to Worship

Meditative Hymn: How Shall They Hear

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:18-24 ESV

Message: The Final Frontiers

Response Hymn: People Need the Lord

Corporate Life & Prayer




Note: Holy Communion will be served at all in-person services


We are pleased to welcome you to worship with us! If you are new to Zion Bishan, do drop us a note on our contact form and our hospitality team will get in touch with you in the coming week. Please use the same contact form if you want to find out more about our faith, or about our activities and programmes.

Our Sunday services at a glance

In-Person Sunday Services in July
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8.30am Mandarin/Cantonese service
9.30am Tamil (only 5 Jul)/Hokkien service
English service

8.30 am
English service — Sanctuary L1
Children’s Discipleship — please ask at the Hospitality or Info Desk
Mandarin service — Chapel L4
(8.45 am) Domestic Helpers Fellowship (English) — Room 105 L1

9.00 am
Hokkien service — Auditorium 2 L4

10.30 am
English service — Sanctuary L1/2
Cantonese-Mandarin service — Chapel L4
Tamil service — Music Room L3
Mandarin-English service — MPH L1
Domestic Helpers Fellowship (English-Indonesian) — Room 103 L1
Children’s & Youth Discipleship — please ask at the Hospitality or Info Desk

1.30 pm
Adult Discipleship Class

5.00 pm
English service — Chapel

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Serving You Today

Speaker: Pastor Zheng Haoren
Worship Leader:
Pastor Dev Menon
AV: Soh Kok Hong, Wee Aik Koon, James Kok
Pianist: Penuel Lau

Songs for personal worship and reflection:

English Services: Joy & Light Cluster
Pastor: Pastor Alby Yip
Elders: Elder Michael & Elder Reginald
Deacons: Dn Benson, Dn Kin Yip,
Dn Justin & Dn Jerry
Staff: Emily & Jacqueline

Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastor 9844 9536
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastor9829 6051
Rev Zheng Haoren, Pastor (Comm Dev’t)6353 8081
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil)8198 9696
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mandarin) 9489 4967
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cantonese-Mandarin)9182 6957
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mandarin-English)8428 0525l
Rev Dr David Wong, Advisory Pastor
Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa, Pastor Emeritus
Ministry Staff (more info)
Dn Paul Yeo, Hokkien Ministry9751 1897
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projects9001 2926
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministry8388 1883
Mrs Ruth Quek, Children's Ministry9728 7145
Mr Vernon Quek, Y. Adults/Evang.9796 0196
Mr Linus Koe, Family/Media 9728 9343
Mrs Sharon Quek, Trg/Mobilisation9788 0195
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Staff 9060 8340

Sermon Notes

Speaker: Pastor Zheng Haoren

The Final Frontiers
Romans 15:18-24 ESV


A Frontier Ambition

A Concerted Enterprise


Questions for Reflection and Discussion

  1. Why are church-planting missions to the final frontiers avoided by churches and missionaries today?
  2. Consider the methods of Paul. What are the key principles to planting churches which are self-governing, self-propagating, and self-financing?
  3. Why did Paul regard the Gospel work as having been fulfilled from Jerusalem and all the way around to Illyricum, even declaring that he no longer had any room for work in those regions?

Prayer Points

Our Church

In-person Church Services – Praise God some of us are able to gather in church today! We have waited a long time for this day, which has given us a glimpse of our wait for The Day. May this gathering of saints encourage one another as we partake in Holy Communion as one body in Christ. May those unable to join be encouraged by the Word of God and the fellowship of His Spirit.

ZB COVID-19 Ministry Initiatives – We thank God for new volunteers, through the ZB CV-19 Survey #3, for the Food Aid meal provision, which is continuing to 31 July. Pray for our leaders and volunteers in this initiative as we begin delivering lunches, on top of dinners that we have been providing. We will have delivered 6000 meals by the end of this week. Thank God for the continued opportunity to bless these families under Comcare. Pray for the Spirit’s leading, and for a prayerful attitude of all involved, to grow good relations with our neighbours.

Safe Sound Sleeping Place (S3P) – The 4 guest stayers will also continue staying with us until the end of July. Pray that their Social Workers and church befrienders, who are helping them, will find solutions for long-term housing.

Our People

Youths – Uphold our youths in prayer as they experience a very different Youth Day this year. Pray they will understand how God is at work even through this pandemic. Pray that they will understand how much they are loved by Him and is shaping them to reflect the image of His Son. As they spend their time in their studies, may they discover how God has uniquely gifted them for the work of His Kingdom. May they glorify God wherever He leads them in their future. Pray for their parents to walk alongside them as they make important decisions in this season of life; for the Christian parent to guide them with the word of God; and for the non-Christian parent to see the light of Christ in their youth’s life.

Our World

Singapore – With the General Elections upon us, let us pray for our political parties to carry out this election peacefully, with clear vision for our people and nation. Pray also for ourselves to remember to love our neighbours and to be a testimony for Jesus in our conduct towards one another during this time where strong opinions and debates will arise.

East Nepal – Brother Prakash, who underwent surgery for a stroke, is recovering very well. He is able to talk a little and is currently undergoing occupational therapy. Do pray for his continued recovery.

Thank God that most of the 22 children under this ministry partners care have recovered from the fever, diarrhoea and chickenpox mentioned last week. Pray that they will all return to full health.

Last Week

Service Attendance Offering
English Livestream 10.30*497800.00
Mandarin Livestream 8.30*113400.00
Cantonese Service-1,000.00
Tamil Zoom 24
ME Zoom57
DHF Zoom25
TOTAL 716 2,200.00
*Peak concurrent viewers on livestream
Electronic Transfer$49,441.75
WEEKLY TOTAL$51,641.75
Weekly offering to meet budget for 2019/20: $62,189
ZB COVID-19 Mission Relief Fund
Total Received To-date$156,725.88
Giving Received from 22 June to 28 June$1,731.00
Amount Disbursed To-date$52,625.92
Land Lease Renewal Fund
Gifts No. 1546-7$1,200.00
Electronic Transfer$8,657.00
Weekly Total$9,857.00
(Weekly Target: $113,854)
Total To Date$4,471,902.66

Info for Giving

For tithes and offering:
General & Missions Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901056-3
PayNow: T10SS0029GGMF

To donate towards the
ZB COVID-19 Mission Relief Fund:

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Church Family News

  1. Congratulations to Jian Wen and Yuna Ou on the birth of their son, Joseph on 27 June 2020.
  2. Congratulations to Vernon and Ruth Quek on the birth of their son, Thaddeus on 29 June 2020. Congratulations to grandparents, Elder and Mrs Quek Swee Peng and Mr and Mrs Peter Jamir.
  3. Vernon will be on paternity leave for 2 weeks.
  4. Ruth will be on maternity leave for 4 months.
  5. Ps Dev is preaching at Moriah BPC this morning.

Looking Ahead

Friday, 10 Jul
8 pm: Zoom Prayer Meeting (Registration required):

Sunday, 12 Jul
English Services
: Faith & Patience Cluster
Pastor: Pastor Dev Menon
Elders: Elder Say Chiang & Elder Jeffery
Deacons: Dns Sherena, Dn Mervyn, Dn Benjamin & Dn Timothy
Staff: Linus & Zhiwen

July Missions Month Sermon Series: Final Frontiers
12 Jul “The Church's Priorities to the Final Frontiers” (Col 1:24-29)
Pastor Alby Yip
19 Jul “The Willingness to Suffer”
Pastor Dev Menon
26 Jul “Harvest Time Has Come!”
Mr Ng Zhi-Wen

Word in Season

Will You Pray About Going?

“By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” Hebrews 11:8

As we paused to pray, a pastor from a West Asian church turned to me and asked, “Do you have a huge sports stadium in your country? What’s the seating capacity?” With a little pride welling up as the Kallang Roar of April 1976 echoed in my mind, I replied “Yes, with a seating capacity of 55,000.” What he said a moment later hit me hard.

“Imagine you’re in my country and you walked into such a stadium hoping you could ask someone about Christianity. Statistically, there will only be 4 Christians in a crowd of 55,000. You sat down, turn to the person on the left, on the right, in front of you, and behind you, but no one could tell you anything about Christianity. What is the chance that you’ll be seated beside any of the 4 Christians in the stadium?” The answer is obvious.

Comparatively in Singapore, one out of every 10 passers-by will likely be an evangelical Christian. And it is likely that the majority of Singaporeans would have heard about the Gospel in their lifetime. In the country where that pastor came from, only 0.000075% of the population are Christians and more than 400,000 people die each day without hearing about Jesus. What a contrast!

When God called Abraham, he went. He did not know where he was going, but he trusted God. Because of Abraham’s faith and obedience, we are now a part of spiritual Israel. A young friend of mine struggled about what she could offer God as a missionary. Hebrews 11:8 spoke to her. God assured her that even though she may not know what she will be doing, she can be confident that God knows what He is doing!

A young couple, members of another church, used to live opposite Zion Bishan (ZB). They sent their children to ZB Kindergarten and would worship with us occasionally. Their hearts were set for missions since young. In Dec 2016, this young family left for a ME country. In their latest update, they wrote, “Being far from home with little engagement (because of COVID-19 lockdown) sometimes makes us question the point of our being here… We are praying for opportunities to connect with people… and trust Father for bringing us here.”

Beloved, people afar need to hear about Jesus. Some of us need to step up, heed the Call of the Kingdom, and go! Will you pray about going?


Missions Month: “Final Frontiers”

The FMC has organised a series of events for us to learn, pray and be challenged to boldly go where the gospel has never gone before.

Register for the following events today!

1. Wednesday Webinars via Zoom:

Webinar #1 “The Final Frontier at Home”
15 Jul, 8.00-9.30pm

The harvest is at our doorstep! We've invited Jose Philip from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (AsiaPacific) and other guests to share about reaching the least-reached in our city.

Webinar #2 “The Final Frontier in our World”
22 Jul, 8.00-9.30pm

The harvest is also WORLDWIDE! We've invited 3 Mission Agencies to come share with us the nature of the gospel work at the frontiers. Come hear stories and about how God is reaching out to these unreached communities.

2. Praying for Frontier People Groups

“The degree to which prayer is mobilized will be the degree to which the world is evangelized.” – Dick Eastman

Commit to pray for frontier people groups around the world in July by:
- Praying on your own,
- With a prayer partner or two, or
- Join our Monday Prayer Circles on Zoom

Frontier Peoples Prayer Circles
Every Monday in July, 8.30-9.00pm
Register at

For all the details on Missions Month and to register, visit the following URL:

 Resumption of In-Person Sunday Services in July

If you wish to attend a Sunday Service in person in July, please register by the Friday before that particular Sunday using the following links (choose from the 4 available time slots)

Sun 12 Jul (Faith / Patience Clusters):

Sun 19 Jul (Hope / Peace Clusters):

Sun 26 Jul (Mercy / Grace Clusters):

Please note that each Service time-slot is subject to a cap of 50 worshippers only.

Communion will be served at all services.

If you are unsure of which Sunday you should register for, contact your AG leader or someone from the pastoral team.

to view our Safety Management Plan and to check which Cluster your AG is in.

There will be no ADC, CD, YD or other activities on Sunday.

Quarantine and Lockdown II:
What on Earth is God Doing?

9 July, Thursday, 8.00-9.15pm
One more session remains for this ADC. Sign up for the Zoom invite at

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