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Domestic Helpers Fellowship (DHF)

We know that God cares about migrant workers (Leviticus 19:34: “… you shall love the alien as yourself …”).

Those of us who are blessed to have domestic helpers should minimally obey government guidelines, e.g., for salary in lieu of days off.

But we can do more, as faithful stewards of the lives that God has entrusted us! Here are some suggestions:
(1) Ask about their families and pray for them
(2) If they are believers, ensure they have a bible in their preferred language and invite them to watch livestream of church service with the family. If they are not strong in English, help them stream an internet broadcast of a service in their preferred language.
(3) If they are not believers, invite them to watch the livestream with you anyway!

Also, share with them about the love of God and the assurance that we have in Christ. If you are not sure how to disciple or share Christ with your helper, the Domestic Helpers Fellowship might be able to help you. Email us at and we will follow up with you.

Domestic Helpers Fellowship has 4 separate Zoom groups on Sundays:
1. English language group 8.45am
2. Myanmar group 8.45am
3. Indonesian group 2.30pm
4. English language group 9.15pm

Email Dns Cerintha to sign up for DHF.