Q1: What is the longer term vision for this season?

One Church in many Clusters gathering as a worshipping Community. 

Q2: Why meet in Cluster/AG on Sunday?

This is to foster better pastoral care and discipleship – aligning our Sunday Services with our Clusters and AGs. Each Cluster has a dedicated Pastor/Elder, Deacons/Deaconesses, and AG leaders.

Our Sunday services will be organized in this way throughout the period of COVID-19 restrictions on worship services. Though the number permitted to come on any given Sunday may change as MCCY updates us in future weeks. 

Q3: Why so many Services? Are we rushing people to Church?

We want to make it possible for as many people to come for worship, while ensuring compliance with public health safety measures in letter and in spirit. Please refer to our Safety Management Plan (https://www.zionbishan.org.sg/phase-2/smp).

With our system, we are actually limiting members to attend Sunday Service in person at most once a month for July. 

We will continue to make available our English Service Live-Streaming at 1030am – so there’s no compulsion to come in person.

Q: How do I know which Cluster I am in, so I know which Sunday to register for attendance?

If you are in an AG, please check with your AG leader.

If you are not in an AG but a member of the Church, you should have received several emails informing you which cluster you are in and should be part of a Cluster Whatsapp group. If you are still not sure, please contact Pastor Dev (dev@zionbishan.org.sg) or Dn Danny (danny@zionbishan.org.sg). 

If you are a regular visitor – you may register to join one of the clusters with Pastor Dev, but we encourage you to be consistent in being with a specific Cluster.

Q: If I am a member who wants to bring a friend or family member who is not a member, what should I do?

You should register for that person to come with you for the same Sunday time slot.

Q: Will I be denied registration or entry if I registered for a Sunday that is not allocated to my Cluster?

No. But if time permits, we will try to reassign you to the correct week. We are intentional about moving towards the Cluster system and hope you understand the rationale. We also want to prioritize registration for members who belong to the Clusters assigned to that particular Sunday.

If for some reason you can’t come for the assigned Sunday, then please consider joining us by live-stream instead and join us physically in the following months. 

Q: My family members are in different Clusters – can we “cross-over” to worship together at the same service?

We understand your concerns. Speak to us so that we can explore ways to work with your constraints – contact Ng Zhiwen (zhiwen@zionbishan.org.sg)

Q: Will there be Children or Youth Discipleship Classes? 

Not at this time. CD & YD classes will continue to be conducted over zoom at various timeslots as pre-arranged with the CD teachers. Your children should join you at the main sanctuary. Please register their names as well for attendance purposes.

Q: Why will Communion be served live, but not virtually?

We believe that Communion is an embodied sacrament that has its proper sense and meaning when we do it as a corporate body gathered together in person. 

For now, we request that you refrain from partaking Communion until the time when you gather with the corporate body in person or when we are able to make other arrangements after this period of transition back to physical worship. 

Holy Communion will be conducted at every service every week during this period of transition.