A Member’s Experience with COVID-19

A testimony from a member who recovered from a COVID-19 infection a few weeks ago: 

I was tested positive for Covid-19 after returning from overseas and was hospitalized/isolated for 1 month. God revealed so much to me during this period.

First, I came to see that no one escapes sickness and death. Whilst in hospital/isolation, I shared rooms with 3 separate roommates: a middle-aged professor from China, a Malay-speaking Muslim domestic helper, and a Singaporean professional in her mid-20s. In spite of our differences in age, nationality, socio-economic class, etc., we were all made to confront our own mortality, or that of our loved ones.

Secondly, God reminded me that only He is our eternal hope. I was plucked out of my daily life and ‘imprisoned’ in a sterilized greyish room with a then-stranger. My parents too were tested positive and my father developed more severe symptoms. I was fearful for my family. I felt guilt – What if I’d passed the virus to my parents? I also felt stigmatized within some of my communities. I realized how foolish it was to place my hopes in the security of a healthy family, societal acceptance, or an enviable bank balance. None of these things last forever, and they meant little to me in the context of my hospital bed. Only God was (and is) the sure Rock on which I could place my hope.

As the weeks passed, I also experienced an outpouring of God’s provision and love from my family, friends, AG, pastors, medical workers, fellow roommates, and even strangers. God’s love was abundant and relentless; He pursued me even on days when I didn’t feel like acknowledging Him.

Thirdly, I learnt that God is sovereign, and can use all situations – even sickness and isolation – for His purposes. During my stay, I developed a strong bond with my third roommate. We did everything together, and spent hours talking about all aspects of our lives. He not only blessed me with a beautiful friendship, but also gave me the opportunity to share about Jesus, the Bible and my personal faith. While I was anxious to be ‘released’, these opportunities reminded me that God was in control and had a purpose for my circumstances.

Today, I look back on the past month as testimony of God’s faithfulness and abundant provision, in spite of the circumstances.

(To clarify and assure members: this person adhered to COVID-19 guidelines and did not attend church at any time between returning from overseas and being tested positive for COVID-19. So, there was no risk whatsoever to our other members.)

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