Mission & Vision

Though we are a multi-congregation church, we are ONE Zion Bishan BP Church with ONE MISSION: As a City on the Hill, and a Light to the Nations (Matthew 5:14-16), living out the Word-Work balance to… #GetDeep in God’s Word, #GetReal with one another and #GetLost for the Kingdom… Growing Deep in God’s Word and Going Out for God’s Work…

Church – We believe in-person Sunday gatherings are critical to our spiritual growth, and our commitment is to facilitate having each member come back each week in person to meet with the Living God and their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Congregation – In order to better disciple and care for each member, Zion Bishan is organised in Congregations comprising a number of small groups – Action Groups (AGs). Each Congregation will be led by a dedicated Shepherding Team comprising of 1 Pastor & 2 Elders, supported by Board of Deacon members and ministry staff.

Community – In order to develop real spiritual relationships, the congregations will be based not on individuals, but on AGs. We believe that the same community of people regularly meeting to worship, fellowship and serve together is essential for practising Jesus’s ‘one another’ commands.