Children’s Ministry

At Zion Bishan, we welcome and value each child that God brings to us.

We recognize that discipling children and growing them in their understanding of who Jesus is, is of utmost importance

We desire to nurture the faith of the next generation…

  • To know God through a strong foundation in His Word
  • To know Jesus, through a deep understanding of the Gospel
  • To be able to walk through life with God and the Church

So that they may give all glory to God in their lives.

To achieve our VISION, we desire to…

  • Teach the Bible accurately and diligently
  • Present and discuss the Gospel faithfully
  • Learn and experience what it means to live as God’s people

We also recognize that typically each child is part of a family unit and according to God’s Word, this is where daily discipleship should take place. And so we seek to equip and partner parents in their understanding and practice of living out their faith at home.

You may view our Children Ministry’s Zoom/Virtual safety protocols here.

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