Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adults Ministry caters to individuals in their late teens till their early thirties who are often in transitional life stages such as the military, education, relationships, and career.

The goals of our Young Adults Ministry are to:

  • Nurture mentoring relationships and deepening discipleship within small groups and also our cell groups (see Action Groups);
  • Build community with peers and the larger Bible-Presbyterian Church circle for support, gospel resources and encouragement

The Young Adults Ministry hopes to serve the needs of the YA community in:

  • Discerning and effectively living out God’s calling within both the church and the marketplace;
  • Deepening in the knowledge of and engaging the world with the Word;
  • Encouraging Christ-centredness in friendship, singlehood, and romantic relationships/marriage

For more information about our Young Adults Ministry or a Young Adults cell group, do e-mail or