Order of Service

25 July 2021
English Services & Livestream

Call to Worship

Gloria Patri

Opening Hymn: Is He Worthy

(10.30 am & 1 pm)
Scripture Reading: Revelation 21:1-11; 22-27 (ESV)
Message: From Cambridge to Calcutta to Chinatown – Reaching the Unreached and the Marginalized

(3 pm & 5 pm)
Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 ESV
Message: Professions in Missions

Response Hymn: O Church Arise

Missions Focus; Corporate Life & Prayer




Note: Holy Communion will be served at all services today.


We are pleased to welcome you to worship with us! If you are new to Zion Bishan, do drop us a note on our contact form and our hospitality team will get in touch with you in the coming week. Please use the same contact form if you want to find out more about our faith, or about our activities and programmes.

Our Sunday services at a glance

In-Person Sunday Services
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8.30am Mandarin/Cantonese service
9.30am Tamil/Hokkien service
English service
11.30am Mandarin-English service

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8.30am Mandarin & Cantonese service
English service

Join DHF Bible Study Groups
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8.45am Domestic Helpers Fellowship 1
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2.30pm Domestic Helpers Fellowship 2
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9.15pm Domestic Helpers Fellowship 3
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Serving You Today

Speakers: Mr Ng Zhiwen (10.30am & 1 pm)
Ps Zheng Haoren (3 pm & 5 pm)

10.30 am
Service Coordinator: Eld. Chuah Chin Yew
Worship Leader:
Dn Sunil Peter
AV: Wee Aik Koon, Steve Nathan, Samuel Bin
Pianist: Grace Ho

1.00 pm
Service Coordinator: Dn Joseph Chan
Worship Leader: Eld Sonny Tan
Nathanael Kusanda, Jeffery Kow, Lence Teh
Marc Yeong

3.00 pm
Service Coordinator: Jacqueline Lie
Worship Leader: Eld Michael Gan
AV: Darren Lee, Wilson Lee
Pianist: Benn Tan

5.00 pm
Service Coordinator: Danny Chua
Worship Leader:
Dn Timothy Ong
AV: Nicklaus Yu, Kim Seo Yeon
Pianist: Chee QiQi

E-mail: user ID followed by
Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastoralby
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastordev
Rev Zheng Haoren, Pastorhaoren
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil)ebi
Rev Vernon Quek, Pastorvernon
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mandarin)sskew
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cantonese-Mandarin)jtlim
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mandarin-English)daniel
Rev Dr David Wong, Advisory Pastor
Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa, Pastor Emeritus
Ministry Staff (more info)
Mr Paul Yeo, Hokkien Ministrypaul
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projectsemily
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministryjune
Mrs Ruth Quek, Children/Y. Adultsruth
Mr Linus Koe, Family/Medialinus
Mr Danny Chua, AG/Safeguardingdanny
Mrs Sharon Quek, Trg/Mobilisationsharon
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Stafftzeming
Mr Ng Zhiwen, Community Engagementzhiwen
Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastor9844 9536
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastor9829 6051
Rev Zheng Haoren, Pastor6353 8081
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil)8198 9696
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mandarin)9489 4967
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cantonese-Mandarin)9182 6957
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mandarin-English)8428 0525
Rev Vernon Quek, Pastor9796 0196
Ministry Staff (more info)
Mr Paul Yeo, Hokkien Ministry9751 1897
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projects9001 2926
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministry8388 1883
Mrs Ruth Quek, Children/Y. Adults9728 7145
Mr Linus Koe, Family/Media9728 9343
Mr Danny Chua, AG/Safeguarding9239 4160
Mrs Sharon Quek, Trg/Mobilisation9788 0195
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Staff9060 8340
Mr Ng Zhiwen, Community Engagement9092 6095

Sermon Notes 1

Speaker: Mr Ng Zhi-wen (10.30 am & 1 pm)

From Cambridge to Calcutta to Chinatown
Reaching the Unreached and the Marginalized

Revelation 21:1-11; 22-27

Destination: City of Light

The Dark City

Our Commission and our Challenge

The 3 Problems

To the Cities of the World

It’s Hard Work

#GetReal with God’s Call

Reflection Questions:

  1. Read Revelation 21 about the New Jerusalem, and compare it with Babylon (described in Revelation 18). How does the New Jerusalem vision inspire you to live your life today?
  2. What will it take for the Church to reach the unreached and marginalized in our City? How about in the other Cities of the world?
  3. How will you #GetReal with God’s call for the Church – what do you sense is His call for you to serve His mission?
Sermon Notes 2

Speaker: Ps Zheng Haoren (3 pm & 5 pm)

Professions in Missions

1 Corinthians 7:17-24


Called by God

Called into Professions

Called to be Missional


Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the main argument Paul is making in 1 Corinthians 7:17–24?  How does his argument fit into Chapter7?
  2. What would it look like to apply 1 Corinthians 7 to your profession?  How does that vision challenge or encourage you?
  3. How does the doctrine of profession help you carry out your calling to make disciples (the Great Commission) and to love your neighbour (the Great Commandment)?
  4. What platform(s) would you develop for evangelism on our homeland and for missions overseas?
Prayer Points

Our Church

“Go Urban” Follow Up – Our Missions Conference draws to a close this Sunday. Pray that all of us will seriously consider DOING something to follow up on what God has shown us about the Harvest field. May we at Zion Bishan put our experience and skills to good use in reaching those in Singapore and when borders reopen to be prepared to Go beyond Singapore.

Pray for good attendance at #Getgoing zoom meeting on Tue 10 Aug to learn about opportunities to serve the lost here in Singapore (eg among the homeless, migrant workers, those marginalised in our church, Bishan Home residents, and other foreigners here.)

Our People

Pray for our AGs, YDs, CDs and ministries that need to transition back to virtual classes during this Phase II HA season once again. Pray for the leaders who find it challenging to constantly adjust to such changes at short notice. Pray also for the national pandemic situation to normalise soon.

Queenie Ng’s 16-hour long extensive surgery is scheduled for Tue 27 July, starting at 8am.  Please uphold her and family in prayer, for God’s peace to be upon them. Pray for wisdom and strength for the 4 surgeons, esp Dr Cheryl Lau who will be present for the entire period.

Our World

Unreached People Group (UPG) Focus The Turks (75 million in 27 countries), form the 3rd largest UPG after the Bengalis and Japanese. They are engaged with the gospel but yet unreached.  Sunni Islam would be their primary religion. Pray that God’s love will shine into the hearts of the Turks around the world, through the message and actions of Christians in their midst.  Pray for their hearts and ears to be open to the truth of the gospel. 

India – Pray for wisdom for our partners as they cautiously restart in-person church services and also plan youth and children camps.  Though there has been a decline in Covid cases in India, there are fears of a third Covid wave in Aug-Oct this year (Straits Times, 18 Jul).  Pray for protection for the vulnerable and the poor who have already suffered much loss of income and health since the pandemic started. We thank God for the perseverance and faithfulness of Christians in loving their neighbours through this ongoing crisis.  May Christ shine through them and bring many to Him.

Covid in SE Asia – Apart from Indonesia and Myanmar, countries like Thailand and Vietnam are seeing escalating number of Covid cases. Pray for God’s mercy on SE Asia and for our fellow believers in these countries as they put their faith in Jesus. May they be salt and light for Christ where they are.

Info for Giving

For tithes and offering:
General & Missions Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901056-3
PayNow: T10SS0029GGMF

To donate towards the
ZB COVID-19 Mission Relief Fund:

General & Missions Fund
(Use information above)
Indicate “CV19 MRF” in remarks

To give towards the
Land Lease Renewal Fund:
General Project Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901055-5
PayNow: T10SS0029GGPF
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If giving by cheque, please mail to Zion Bishan B-P Church, 4 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579792. Please provide your CONTACT NUMBER on each cheque

Church Family News
  1. Ps Vernon is preaching at ME service this morning.
Session Meeting Highlights
  1. Session met twice in May; the scheduled meeting on 18 May and an emergency meeting on 14 May on in-person worship matters, currently still in force, in the light of the Phase 2 Heightened Alert and its corresponding restrictions.
  2. A new Mission Steering Committee (MSC) will be piloted for two years. The MSC seeks to integrate our Foreign and Home Missions in order to streamline our training, education, policies and mobilization.
  3. Session approved the Project Love Bishan outreach, carried out on 29 May, to distribute grocery packs to about 90 needy households from the Mission Relief Fund.
  4. Bro Tan Seng Chai has been appointed to the ZBK Management Committee.
  5. Sis Goh Bee Wan and Sis Yam Jia Hui were reappointed, and Sis Winnie Liew and Bro Marvin Cheong were appointed to the Finance Committee.
Looking Ahead

Friday, 30 Jul
8 pm:
Zoom Prayer Meeting
(Register at

Saturday, 31 Jul
4 pm: Youth Fellowship
(Register at

Sunday, 1 Aug
English Services:
(Register at

10.30 am
Shepherding Team: Ps Alby Yip, Eld Foo Say Chiang & Eld Chuah Chin Yew

1.00 pm
Shepherding Team: Ps Zheng Haoren, Ng Zhiwen, Eld Sonny Tan & Eld David Leong

3.00 pm
Shepherding Team: Ps Alby Yip, Ps Vernon Quek, Eld Roland Low & Eld Michael Gan

5.00 pm
Shepherding Team: Ps Dev Menon, Eld Jeffery Lim & Eld Reginald Tan

Act Series

1 Aug    Mid Point Recap
Ps Alby/Ps Dev

8 Aug    The Council and Another Journey
Mr Quek Tze-Ming/Ps Alby

15 Aug  Entering European Union
Ps Vernon/ Mr Quek Tze-Ming

22 Aug  Paul in Athens
Ps Dev /Ps Vernon

29 Aug  Corinth and Ephesus
Mr Danny Chua /Ps Dev

Word in Season

What it takes to be a CD Leader

Written by the Children’s Ministry Team

When it comes to teaching the Bible to children there are so many things our teachers have to consider – from content, to delivery and engagement and now the added element of technology.

How do I work through the Bible Passage faithfully so I know what it is saying in context. Then, how do I teach this passage faithfully to the children. Younger ones might need simpler language – how do I simplify the lesson without watering down what the Word of God is saying. How can I engage the individual children who learn differently. How do I equip each child as they grow to learn to read the Word for themselves so they aren’t reliant on someone else telling them what God says. What examples or memory hooks can I think of that are relatable to the children that will help them understand this lesson. What have I personally been learning or convicted of as I prepare for the lesson. How can I share that appropriately with the children so they learn and see that the Word of God has to interact with lives, the Word of God requires response.

All this and more is what our Children’s Discipleship (CD) leaders are being trained to consider on a weekly basis as they prepare for their lessons.

Our CD Leaders commit to at least 3 compulsory large group Trainings a year. Two of these Trainings cover curriculum and strategies to help them in the classroom and the third covers Safeguarding Training and Body Safety Awareness.

In our recent training during the June CD Break, we spent half a day working through the curriculum for the second half of the year – Acts 1 to 14. The teachers had to learn how to pick out repeated themes in each lesson and see how the author (Dr. Luke) ‘s aim for the letter needs to drive what we teach and emphasise on for each lesson. We also spent some time thinking through the advantages of mixed age group classes, how to harness them and also what to watch out for.

For the second half of the year, some of our teaching teams will be focusing on learning how to write lesson outlines as well as learning how to give feedback to one another so there can be continued improvement in how we present the lessons as well as thinking deeper about follow up with the children in the respective classes.

COVID has been a catalyst for change within the Children’s Ministry. Having to adapt to our own form of “HBL”, moving into 4 distinct congregations, mixed age group classes and also changing to a new curriculum. We are thankful for every individual who is a part of Children’s Ministry and for every teacher willing to commit the time and the energy that is needed to learn how to faithfully teach God’s Word to our children.

Do keep the CD Leaders in prayer as they juggle family commitments, work, other ministry commitments as well as CD commitments. Pray that they would keep a close walk with God and that as they prepare for their lessons, the Spirit will work in their hearts and transform their lives.

Pray for eyes to see each child and their individual gifts and needs, ears to listen to what the children are saying and not saying, mouths to encourage and speak about God’s faithful character and testify of His work and hearts that love with the love of Christ.

If you know of someone who is involved in teaching the children in our church family – encourage them by asking about it, how they are learning and growing as they serve and how you can pray for and support them.

If you are keen to join this wonderful team of individuals, do reach out to June Tan, Ruth Quek, Cassandra Lee or Tay Li Hui or drop an email to


Urban Missions Conference 2021

Sign up to pray and learn how we can “Go Urban!” with the gospel

Friday Prayer Meeting
30 Jul, 8.00pm, Friday

Come for our Special Missions Prayer Night (which happens on 5th Fridays in 2021).  Hear from representatives from Habibi Singapore on their medical and relief work among the refugees in West Asia. 

Workshop 4: Businessmen &
Managers in Missions
31 Jul, 2.30pm, Saturday

Invited speaker, Lawrence Ko, and a panel from our church (Dn Mervyn Phan, Dns Hun Ee Wern, Tan Seng Chai, and Wan Weng) will share about their personal journeys of trying to live out their faith at their workplace.

Register for this workshop here:

Covid-19 Relief Fund

We had set up a fund last year to provide relief for members and regular worshippers who are facing financial difficulties due to Covid-19. All applications are treated with confidence.
For details and registration:

Catechism Class
Table Hosts Needed

Help our potential new members find a spiritual home in Zion Bishan as they attend the membership class from Sep to Nov, on Saturday afternoons. Training will be provided. Please contact by 31 Jul.

Christianity Explored
Starts 4th Aug, 7.45pm, Wednesday

Come join us, on Zoom, in this informal course to explore who Jesus is and why He is the best news that you can ever receive. Invite your family and friends!


Aging Gracefully, Living Fruitfully (Seminar for Seniors) postponement

The Aging Gracefully, Living Fruitfully Seminar organised by QuadC was scheduled to commence on 30 July 2021. However the seminar has now been postponed to 29 October, Friday from 930am to 5pm at our Chapel.
Please note the change of date if you have signed up.

Mingle Over Zoom
22 Aug, 3.00-5.00pm
, Sunday

Here’s a shout out to all singles in BP churches! The Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore is organising its first-ever singles event in August. Come and make new friends with like-minded people. Registration info is at
Hope to see you there.

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