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Order of Service

4 June 2023
English Services

Call to Worship

Gloria Patri

Worship in Songs: 
AM – Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant; Lift High the Name of Jesus;
          I Surrender All

PM – This Is How We Know; We Are One

Installation of Leaders (4.30pm only)

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 4:14-17 ESV

Message: Why Personal Discipleship?

Response Hymn: Find Us Faithful

Holy Communion

Corporate Life & Prayer





We are pleased to welcome you to worship with us! If you are new to Zion Bishan, do drop us a note on our contact form and our hospitality team will get in touch with you in the coming week. Please use the same contact form if you want to find out more about our faith, or about our activities and programmes.

Our Sunday services at a glance

In-Person Sunday Services
8.30am Mandarin service
8.30am/10.30am/4.30pm English service
9.00am Hokkien service
9.30am Tamil service
10.30am Mandarin-English service
10.45am Cantonese-Mandarin service

Domestic Helpers Fellowship (DHF)
Bible Study Groups
(To join via zoom,
please register at
8.45am DHF 1A (in English, for all nationalities)
in person at Room 103
DHF 2 (in Myanmar language)
hybrid, in person at TLR and via zoom
DHF 3 (in Bahasa Indonesia) via zoom
DHF 1B (in English, for all nationalities)
via zoom

Children/Youth Discipleship Classes
Register interest:

Youth Fellowship
Every Saturday, 4pm

Serving You Today

Speakers: Ps Dev Menon (8.30am & 10.30am), Mr Joel Khoo (4.30pm)

Service Coordinator: Dn Joseph Chan
Worship Leader: Eld Sonny Tan
Vocalist & Musicians: Morning Team 1

Service Coordinator: Dn Tiew Chew Meng
Worship Leader: Eld Foo Say Chiang
Vocalist & Musicians: Morning Team 1

Service Coordinator: Vanessa Lee
Worship Leader: Eld Roland Low
Vocalist & Musicians: Afternoon Team 1

Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastor9844 9536
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastor9829 6051
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil)8198 9696
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mand)9489 4967
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cant-Mand)9182 6957
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mand-Eng)8428 0525
Rev Vernon Quek, Pastor9796 0196
Rev Ng Zhiwen, Pastor9092 6095
Rev Paul Yeo, Pastor (Hokkien)9751 1897
Ministry Staff (more info)
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projects9001 2926
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministry    8388 1883
Mrs Sharon Quek, Overseas Ministries 9788 0195
Mr Danny Chua, AG/Safeguarding  9239 4160
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Staff  9060 8340
Miss Jacqueline Lie, Youth Ministry9322 7629
Miss Vanessa Lee, Women’s Worker9880 4507
Mr Joel Khoo, YAs/Discipleship9368 9221
Mr Timothy Ong, Home Missions9271 5785


Sermon Notes

Why Personal Discipleship?

Speakers: Ps Dev Menon (8.30 & 10.30am), Joel Khoo (4.30pm)
1 Corinthians 4:14-17

Discipleship is: 

–   Relational

–   Imitational

–   Confrontational

Questions for Reflection & Discussion:

  1. How have you been discipled as a Christian? Can you name some people critical to your journey of faith? What did they do that was so helpful?
  2. What can you do if you feel you have not been discipled adequately? Or if you feel you are currently not growing in Christ? Who can you talk to for help? 
  3. Are you discipling someone else? How is it going? What have you learned about the process? Could you share your experience with someone else?
  4. How can you encourage another friend to take their discipleship seriously? Especially if they haven’t been physically coming to church for a while? 
Prayer Points

Our Church

Elected Leaders – Thank God for the election of our 2 new pastors, 2 new deacons and 2 new deaconesses. They will be installed at the various services over the next two Sundays. Do pray for them and encourage them as they commit themselves to serve God’s church. We thank God for all our leaders, new and present, who serve God in this formal and accountable way.

ZB Church Camp 2023 is less than two weeks away! – Please uphold in prayer our camp speaker, Ps David Wong, all who are involved in serving at camp in one way or another and for all campers young and old. Pray that we would come with expectant hearts to participate fully and to experience with joy and thankfulness all that God has in store 
for us.

Tuition Ministry – With the start of the school holidays, students and teachers will have a break in the month of June. Thank God for the hard work and faithfulness of our teachers in the work of this ministry. Pray for our teachers to find rest, and pray too for the students to be intentional in the use of their holidays.

Next Lap – Thank God for more clarity on our church vision and direction moving forward. You can listen to the presentations at this link:

Our People

Lim Nan and Christy – Thank God for the opportunity for Lim Nan and Christy to visit their refugee friends in Indonesia since 23 May 2023. They are still there and have be receiving teams from various churches, along with a few from our church. Pray for good times of bonding when the teams interact with those from the refugee community so that they may be blessed with the love of Christ and his people. Pray for full recovery for Lim Nan, and the whole family who had a bout of ill health this past week.

Our World

India – Thank God for opportunities to share Christ with families of the children who recently came to attend a series of Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) with a partner in the central part of India. Thank God for a worker with this partner who felt led to use the Jesus film to share the gospel in 100 villages. Thank God that he has completed 75 showings. Pray that these film screenings will draw many to Jesus.

Info for Giving

For tithes and offering:
General & Missions Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901056-3
PayNow: T10SS0029GGMF

To give towards the
Land Lease Renewal Fund:
General Project Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901055-5
PayNow: T10SS0029GGPF
(please indicate Land Lease Renewal Fund on back of cheque)

If giving by cheque, please mail to Zion Bishan B-P Church, 4 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579792. Please provide your CONTACT NUMBER on each cheque

Church Family News
  1. Ps Zhiwen is on leave 29 May – 10 June 2023.
  2. Congratulations to Danny & Charis Chua on the birth of their 2nd daughter, Mikaela Chua Shi En, on 26 May 2023!
  3. Congratulations to Dn Peter & Dawn on the birth of their 3rd child, Beth Wang Ning, on 28 May 2023!
  4. Pastor Alby preached at Hebron BPC last evening and this morning. He will be speaking at Herald BPC camp in Ipoh from 5 – 8 June 2023.
  5. Our deepest condolences to the family of the late Mr Neo Kim Ow on his Homegoing on 30 May 2023. He was the father of sister Neo Sor Guat, father-in-law of Wong Ping Sin and grandfather to Grace, Faith & Joy Wong.
Looking Ahead

Friday, 9 Jun
Prayer Meeting
Register at

Saturday, 10 Jun
4.00pm: Youth Fellowship 
Register at

Sunday, 11 Jun
Worship Services at 8.30am, 10.30am and 4.30pm

[ The Challenges of Discipleship ]

11 Jun
Discipling Seniors
Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn

18 Jun
Why do you follow Me?
Rev Ben Tsao (10.30am)

25 Jun
Discipling Young Families
Elder Chan Kin Yip (8.30am & 10.30am)

Ps Zhiwen (4.30pm)

2 July
Discipling Youth
Timmy Ng (8.30am & 10.30am)
Ps Alby (4.30pm)


Word in Season

Good News

By Ps Alby Yip

I am sure you would have heard of the good news. The government has completed its review of the land pricing mechanism relating to the use of land for places of worship. We thank God for our government who are actively supportive and cognizant of the value of what faith can contribute to the well-being of society. We thank God more so that faith can be practised openly and freely in Singapore.

Many have asked how the review impacted Zion Bishan. Here is the gist of the review. Previously, for fresh plots of land released for the building of churches, churches will have to decide on a price that they can best afford, submit a bid with that price, and the highest bidder will be awarded the land. This form of blind bidding will naturally be competitive and push the price of land increasingly higher.

It will have a downward effect on churches whose existing lease is expiring and due for renewal, like Zion Bishan. The cost of renewal of the land lease is tagged to the prevailing cost of a fresh plot of land—the market rate. Our last estimate in 2021 is about 12 million dollars. Cognizant of this, the government has made the bidding of fresh plots of land to be open bidding. They will announce, based on their set parameters, what price each plot costs.

Interested churches will put in a bid and will be drawn by lot. This “set price bidding” will curtail the cost of land from increasing and therefore stabilize the price for both fresh plots of land and renewal of land lease. Like in our land lease, the government will use the same set of parameters to determine the cost of our land lease renewal and offer to us. Perhaps, you will have a burning question by now.

No, we don’t know the price, as yet. We are awaiting the authorities to inform us. But we need not just wait blindly. We can pray for Session to have the wisdom to make the right decision, one that is in the best interest of Zion Bishan. Above all, we must pray to the Lord of Grace for His provision of not just the most optimal price or the monies but also for the opportunities to reach out and the privilege to partner with God in His salvation plan for humankind. 

The government’s announcement is indeed good news. But the greatest news is yet to come. No, it is not about the actual amount. It is the news, or rather, the sight of Christ’s Return in glory. The lease renewal is not about the existence of Zion Bishan. It is about the expansion of God’s Kingdom, from our hearts, to the community, the nation and to the utter ends of the earth, until That Day of the Lord Jesus’ Return. May He find us faithful and ready!


Please note that there will be ONE combined English service at 10.30am on 18th June and ONE combined Chinese service at 9am as many will be away at Church Camp that Sunday.


Here locally and within our shores, we have been holding out the Gospel of Christ through various ways and means. Let us as one church family, consider how we can partner with one another and His Spirit to share Jesus’ love and be a blessing to others and those around us.

Find more details and indicate your interest at:


Have you thought of going into full-time ministry? 

The EXCEL Apprenticeship is a 1-2 years full-time programme that aims to provide training & experience for those considering full-time ministry. 

Contact Ps Dev or Ps Vernon for more information.


Course registration for the new semester (Jul-Dec) is now open. In addition to regular courses such as:

  • Discerning your Work” (Michael Low)
  • New Testament Foundations 1” (Tze-Ming)
  • Christian Theology for Everyday Life” (Dr Tan Seng Kong)

BGST is also offering electives such as:

  • Everyday Christianity” (Tze-Ming)
  • The Seamless Life” (Dr Steve Garber)
  • Gospel, Poverty, and Injustice” (Dr Marie Joy Pring and Mr Chng Eu Lee)

Check out these and other exciting courses, and enrol now at

Church members who wish to apply for fee subsidy please contact

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