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Order of Service

25 September 2022
English Services & Livestream

Call to Worship

Gloria Patri

Worship in Songs

( 8.30am & 10.30am )
Scripture Reading: Eph 1:1-10, Eph 3:14-19 ESV
Message: Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

( 3pm & 5pm )
Scripture Reading: Eph 1:15-23, Eph 3:14-19 ESV
Message: Immeasurable Power!

Response Hymn: O Church Arise

Mission Focus; Corporate Life & Prayer





We are pleased to welcome you to worship with us! If you are new to Zion Bishan, do drop us a note on our contact form and our hospitality team will get in touch with you in the coming week. Please use the same contact form if you want to find out more about our faith, or about our activities and programmes.

Our Sunday services at a glance

In-Person Sunday Services
(Registration required):
8.30am Mandarin service
English service
9.00am Hokkien service
9.30am Tamil service
10.30am Mandarin-English service
10.45am Cantonese/Mandarin service

Join us for our livestream
10.30am/3.00pm English service
8.30am Mandarin service
10.45am Cantonese/Mandarin service

10.30am Mandarin-English service
Zoom Livestream (ID: 83150901877)

Join Domestic Helpers Fellowship (DHF) Bible Study Groups
(Registration required):
8.45am DHF 1A
(in English, for all nationalities) via zoom
(in Myanmar language) hybrid, in person at TLR and via zoom
(in bahasa Indonesia) via zoom
Domestic Helpers Fellowship 1B
(in English, for all nationalities) via zoom

Join Children/Youth Discipleship Classes
(Register interest):

Serving You Today

Speakers: Mr Quek Tze-Ming (8.30am & 10.30am), Ps Vernon Quek (3pm & 5pm)

Service Coordinator: Sharon Quek
Worship Leader: Dn Justin Low
Vocalist & Musicians: Morning Team 4

Service Coordinator: Joel Khoo
Worship Leader: Eld Sonny Tan
Vocalist & Musicians: Morning Team 4

Service Coordinator: Vanessa Lee
Worship Leader: Dn Peter Wang
Vocalist & Musicians: Afternoon Team 4

Service Coordinator: Danny Chua
Worship Leader: Dn Herman Low
Vocalist & Musicians: 
Afternoon Team 4


Pastors (more info)
Rev Dr Alby Yip, Senior Pastor  9844 9536
Rev Dr Dev Menon, Pastor9829 6051
Rev Zheng Haoren, Pastor     6353 8081
Rev Ebinezar Mohan, Pastor (Tamil) 8198 9696
Rev Kew See Seong, Pastor (Mand)9489 4967
Rev Lim Jit Thye, Pastor (Cant-Mand)9182 6957
Rev Daniel Nge, Pastor (Mand-Eng) 8428 0525
Rev Vernon Quek, Pastor 9796 0196
Ministry Staff (more info)
Mr Paul Yeo, Hokkien Ministry 9751 1897
Mrs Emily Quek, Special Projects9001 2926
Mrs June Tan, Children’s Ministry    8388 1883
Mrs Sharon Quek, Overseas Ministries 9788 0195
Mr Danny Chua, AG/Safeguarding  9239 4160
Mr Quek Tze-Ming, Assoc Min Staff  9060 8340
Mr Ng Zhi-Wen, Community Ministries9092 6095
Miss Jacqueline Lie, Youth Ministry9322 7629
Miss Vanessa Lee, Women’s Worker9880 4507
Mr Joel Khoo, YAs/Discipleship9368 9221
Sermon Notes

Speaker: Mr Quek Tze-Ming 
( 8.30am & 10.30am )

Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

Recap of Ephesians 1-3                                                 


The Story of God

… vs. “the powers”

The Story of Church

Conclusion: The Story of Us?

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. How would you answer a friend who asks you: “Tell me about the Christian God: What has He been doing, and what is He doing?”
  2. How would you answer the same friend who asks you: “What is the church?”
  3. Read through Eph 1-3 again in one sitting. What are some verses or themes that you find striking? Why?
  4. How does the Letter to the Ephesians answer Questions 1 and 2?

Speaker: Ps Vernon Quek
( 3pm & 5pm )

Immeasurable Power!

Ephesians Chapter 1—3 Review                                                                                                      

Intro: 3 Big Themes (1:18-19)’

  • God’s Plan (what we are called to be a part of)
  • God’s People (the saints = the Church)
  • God’s Power…

What is God’s Power at work within us? (3:16; 3:20-21)

  • The Spirit’s Revelation Power (3:16; 1:17; 3:5)
    • Knowledge of God’s Plan and the love of Christ (3:18-19)

Why do we need this Power? (2:1-2)

  • Eyes of their hearts vs. the Eyes of their heads (1:17)
  • Inner being vs. Outer being (3:15)
  • God’s Temple vs. Artemis’ temple (2:20-22)

What does this Power lead to?

  • Individual to Corporate (3:16-19)
  • Glorious Church (3:20-21)

Conclusion: Know where the Power is!

  • In our prayers

  • In the Church

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. In your own words, explain the immeasurable power of God towards us as believers. How has this power worked within you personally?
  2. Think about how the rival power and spirit is at work in your own life. How easy is it to forget the Plan and all the great truths we’ve seen in Ephesians 1-3?
  3. What needs to change in your life after what we’ve seen in the first half of Ephesians? Specifically in your prayer life and your relationships with fellow saints?
Prayer Points

Our Church

CST Sunday – 2nd October will be our very first Congregational Sunday! Each of the 4 CSTs will be preaching a dedicated message to their respective congregations, reflecting our pastoral heart for the people under our care. We pray that it will be an edifying time for everyone present.

Elders Retreat – The English Pastors and Elders will meet for a 3rd retreat this Saturday! We continue to humbly seek direction from the Lord to take us forward in our next season at Zion Bishan. We will share more about our discussions whenever possible. The Session members also decided that we should meet every month for a Saturday breakfast, to encourage one another in the Lord – so that we are first and foremost brothers in Christ before being shepherds of His Church.

Ordinations – We thank God that 3 of our leaders will be ordained as ministers of the gospel under the BPCIS this Oct! Ng Zhiwen & Paul Yeo at our anniversary service on 29th Oct and Elder David Leong on 30th Oct at Emmanuel BP. Pray for them as they prepare their hearts for this new role! 

Pray too for Ps Haoren as he finishes his time on staff and moves on to his next season of ministry.

Our World

Nepal – The ZB team has arrived and are currently en route to a part of Nepal that is remote and less resourced. Pray for strength and stamina to trek to the various villages with a dominant Tibetan population. Pray also that the mountain flights will be available for their going and return to cities in Nepal as these flights sometimes change due to demand and so it might affect the ZB team. Pray for a fruitful time of ministry with our partners.

Lebanon – This country continues to live in severe economic and food crisis. Its people continue to suffer food insecurity and only 2 hours of electricity from the government daily. Our ministry partner reported that this week, all banks were closed since last Friday (16 Sep) because many Lebanese were trying to get their frozen savings from the banks. Hence, banks were closed for the safety of the employees. Pray that banks will be able to reopen. Pray for God’s mercy on this nation, that they will have a proper government who will begin to enable economic recovery. Thank God for the ongoing ministries of compassion and bible study/training that our partner is still engaged with, even in such challenging times.

Info for Giving

For tithes and offering:
General & Missions Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901056-3
PayNow: T10SS0029GGMF

To give towards the
Land Lease Renewal Fund:
General Project Fund
DBS Current A/C: 070-901055-5
PayNow: T10SS0029GGPF
(please indicate Land Lease Renewal Fund on back of cheque)

If giving by cheque, please mail to Zion Bishan B-P Church, 4 Bishan Street 13 Singapore 579792. Please provide your CONTACT NUMBER on each cheque

Church Family News
  1. Congratulations to Amos Seah and Juay Wei Tian who were united in holy matrimony on 24 Sept!
  2. Ps Alby is preaching at Grace BP Church this morning.
  3. Ps Dev is preaching at Shalom BP this morning.
  4. Ps Zheng Haoren is away on field assignment from 20 Sep.
  5. On 30 Sep, Ps Zheng Haoren will conclude his season of full-time ministry with us (after close to 11 years). We are so thankful for his ministry with us and wish him the best for the next season of pursuing God’s purposes.
Looking Ahead

Friday, 30 Sep
Prayer Meeting 
(Register at

Saturday, 1 Oct
 Youth Fellowship 
(Register at

Sunday, 2 Oct
English Worship Services 
(Register at

Shepherding Team: Ps Zheng Haoren, Ng Zhiwen & Eld Sonny Tan

Shepherding Team: Ps Alby Yip, Eld Foo Say Chiang & Eld Chuah Chin Yew

Shepherding Team: Ps Vernon Quek, Eld Roland Low, Eld Michael Gan & Eld David Leong

Shepherding Team: Ps Dev Menon, Eld Chan Kin Yip & Eld Reginald Tan

The Epistle to the Ephesians

09 Oct – Ephesians 4:1-16 – Zhiwen & Ps Dev

16 Oct – Ephesians 4:17-32 – Ps Vernon & Ps Dev

23 Oct – Ephesians 5:1-21 – Ps Alby

30 Oct – Ephesians 5:22-6:9 – Zhiwen & Joel

Word in Season


By Ps Zheng Haoren

Holy Communion on 4 September 2022 was special for me on two counts. Firstly, it marked my final administration of this holy sacrament as a pastor at Zion Bishan (ZB) before my retirement. Secondly, the Lord enabled me to see the lyrics of the Communion hymn clearly on the LED screens facing the Communion table that day. My heart was uplifted, praising God!

You see, my vision has been deteriorating over the last five years because of glaucoma. It has come to a stage where visual contrast is an issue. My vision is growing dim and I can now identify with Jacob in Genesis 48:10. In recent months, I have practically given up reading the LED screens from the pulpit. So being able to read the Communion hymn was a pleasant surprise and delight!

My eyes have been literally playing tricks on me. Every now and then, I would encounter the “now you see it, now you don’t” phenomenon. With this increasing challenge, I have learnt to focus my eyes. It helps that I pause and be still when I look in the direction I need to see. Depending on the lighting, the vision in that direction may come into focus… sometimes it does not.

The decision to retire early stems from the desire to focus and not be spread thin. I am acutely aware that I do not have much time where sight is concerned.  I could go blind anytime. So, it was with much consideration and prayer that my family and I agreed that I should give my best attention in my remaining years of sight to focus on a local ministry and an overseas assignment that God has laid upon my heart for many years now.

Therefore, with Session’s blessing, I went on a part-time work arrangement from April 2021 to prepare and focus on my next assignment and work out the handing over of my portfolio and duties to Sharon and Zhiwen and the teams they now lead.

I am stepping out with a grateful heart. It has been a rich blessing from the Lord to serve amongst faithful and dedicated colleagues for over 10 years at ZB. Each of them has taught me in different ways what it meant to follow and focus on Jesus.

Peter walked on water when his focus was on Jesus (Matthew 14:29-30). When he took his eyes off the Lord, he sunk. In their discipleship journey, Peter and the apostles focused on Jesus and His commands and lived out their calling.  May we follow their example!

Every blessing!



We thank God that we are finally able to celebrate our church anniversary this year. This will be a combined multi-ethnic service with the entire Zion Bishan church family.

The service will be on 29 October 2022 (Sat), 4-6pm.

We will also be having dinner together after the service, at $5 per person

Sign up for the dinner by 16 Oct at
Payment details can be found in the sign-up form.


Please note the following details for our phased cessation of live-streaming:

The live-streaming for the 3pm service will cease from Sun, 2 Oct.
The 10.30am service will continue to be live-streamed till the end of our Ephesians sermon series (in mid- November). 

Both morning and afternoon sermon recordings will be made available on our YouTube channel.

We will make arrangement for members who are shut-in (or are caregivers) to be able to join in worship – please speak directly with your CST leaders about this.

We look forward to having as many of us as possible joining in corporate worship in person each Sunday.


By Zion Bishan Men’s Ministry

The Light, Love and Life of God’s Men
Pastor Hon Chin Foang, Lead Pastor, Good News Baptist Church
Dates: 23 –25 Oct 2022 (Sun-Tues) 
Venue: Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor
Cost: S$280/pax (Twin-sharing, T-shirt)


From October, we will no longer be having Eventbrite pre-service registration. We will instead be gradually rolling out a simpler system for accountability of our members, regular worshippers and visitors. Please bear with the team through the implementation.


Calling all youths in our Zion Bishan family!
Save the dates for an exciting week-long camp: 12 – 16 December

Look out for Registration and further details coming soon!


Come and join us for a time of sharing, prayer and fellowship as we listen to the stories and experiences of the Lim family from their time in Greece.

8-9pm: Sharing & Prayer
9pm onwards: Fellowship

Sign up by 29 Sept (Thu) at to receive the Zoom link via email.

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