Baptism & Marriage

Planning to have your children baptised?

We believe that our infants and children share in the covenant promises and blessings of the Living God.

We also believe that the church community shares in the responsibility of supporting parents in raising their children in a godly and loving manner.

As such, we require at least one (preferably both) of the parents to be active members of our church before they present their children for baptism. This ensures we can give them the full support they need to bring up a child in the ways of the Living God.

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Planning to get married?

We believe in marriage as something wonderful, established by the Living God of the Bible, and something that needs to be cherished and preserved.

Therefore, if you plan to get married, do contact us around 12 to 24 months before your proposed wedding date. We will require you to attend a pre-marital counselling (BYSID) course, to lay a biblical foundation for a lifetime of being together.

This also means that at least one of you will have to be a current member of the church, and your partner will have to indicate when he or she is going to become a member, if he or she is not a member already. We believe that a couple should worship God together in the same church, and that our church community has a role to play in helping each marriage become the best it can be.

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If you merely would like to rent the Zion Bishan building as a wedding venue, that may be arranged as well. Do contact the office: 6353 8081 or

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you and to work with you.