Hospitality Ministry

The role of Hospitality Ministry is to welcome and befriend visitors. The 20-member team are rostered to serve in the morning English services. With the setup of a cosy Visitors’ Corner, the team could host new friends for an extended chat. The ministry also follows up with the visitors until a point where either they have been plugged in to a specific ministry or AG or when they have expressed that they no longer require any follow up.

We thank God for the 31 visitors who came for our 8.30am English Service, 108 visitors who came for our 10.30am English Service and 37 visitors who came for our 5pm Evening Service. During the year, we also hosted a Welcome Tea session for the 8.30am visitors and a Welcome Lunch at the Living Room for the 10.30am visitors.

Ultimately we hope that God will move in the hearts of the all members of Zion Bishan to play a role (whether big or small) in being hospitable to anyone and everyone who comes through our gates.