Integrated Care & Counselling Framework (ICCF)

The ICCF was crafted two years ago to update our pastoral care approaches so that our processes would be more relevant and effective in dealing with the issues and challenges of modern society. There are two branches to the ICCF, the Formative branch and the Interventive branch.

A task force comrising Dns Lee Siew Choo, Elder George Khoo, Alvin Goh, Mabeline Chia and Vivienne Yip was formed to look into setting up the Formative branch. Upon completion of their research, they partnered with two specialists to craft a curriculum for the purpose of equipping and training volunteers in requisite people-helping skills. These volunteers will be deployed as and when required, as the first-line of helpers in our church community. Where they face issues and situations beyond their scope and abilities, they will escalate the matter to the Interventive branch, which is when the pastoral staff will step in to lend assistance. 

A separate team was formed, comprising Dns Deborah Liew, Danny Chua and Ee-Ling to review our pastoral approaches and safety policies. They also formed and now constitute the Safeguarding Team. A number of papers concerning safety policies, standard operating procedures and statutory and governance checklists were also drawn up. If you require more information on the existing policies, please click here. If you have any further questions on Zion Bishan’s safeguarding and safety processes, please contact Danny (danny@zionbishan.org.sg).