Catechism Class

Welcome to Zion Bishan!

We invite you to join us to be a small part of the global family of God, united under the Headship of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, bound together in unity and fellowship by the Holy Spirit.

Joining the family means to take the first step to enter into the communion, fellowship and service with the saints here at Zion Bishan. One can do that by a number of means:

  • Baptism
  • is a holy ordinance instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ whereby a Christian publicly confesses faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through water baptism. The mode of baptism is by sprinkling. It is a sign and seal of our union with Christ.

  • Reaffirmation of Faith
  • is an act in which a person who was baptized as a child confirms for himself/herself the Faith to which his parents committed him when they presented him for Child Baptism.

  • Transfer of Church Membership
  • refers to the process when a baptized believer from another Church, having attended Zion Bishan BP Church for some time and wishing to commit himself to the spiritual care of this Church, formally transfers his Church membership to Zion Bishan. In that event the person will have to terminate his membership in the former church and apply for membership at Zion Bishan BP Church.

  • Profession of Faith
  • refers to someone who has been baptised in a Roman Catholic Church who wants to make a public statement that he/she now follows the doctrine of the Protestant faith.

As part of helping you integrate into the life of the family here at Zion Bishan, there will be a few stages to go through:

  1. A welcome lunch and a time for the Leaders of the church to get to know you and for you to know them.
  2. A Catechism Class – where we give a summary of the basic principles of what we believe here in Zion Bishan. This class will run twice a year, for 12 Sundays from 1.15 till 2.30pm.
  3. A day retreat, where you will have some time to work through spiritual issues in your own life, both together with the Leaders and on your own.
  4. Getting you involved in an Action Group & serving in an area in Church – the Family of God meets together regularly to study His Word, and serves together.
  5. If you are intending to baptise your children, there are two additional classes to attend to help you understand the significance of baptism, as well as helping you to get started on bringing up your children in a Godly manner.

(Children of members can become Non-Communicant Members are the children of believers who have been presented to the Lord for Infant/Child Baptism as parents claim the covenantal blessings of God for their children. As non-communicant members they are not permitted to take part in the Lord’s Supper or to vote at congregational meetings.)

We hope you will come and join us, and that you will experience the full blessings of God as you commit to being an active participant in His kingdom here on earth, as we await the fullness of all things – when the Lord Jesus comes again.

Pick up a membership form at the Information Desk on Sunday or email