Family Ministry

Zion Bishan’s Family Ministry is one of the two main components under our structure for Discipleship in our church. The other is our small group system called Action Groups (AGs), and you can find out more here

The Family Ministry’s goal is to raise Godly children (Mal 2:15). 

Our vision is to see the faith of the next generation being raised up to honour and obey God for His glory. 

We aim to do this by focusing on Marriages and Faith at Home; through strengthening relationships (spousal and parental), and equipping faith to be carried out in their homes. 


Marriage is the starting point of a family. Once a husband and wife are wed, they are a new family unit. This union is instituted by God from the beginning of time (Gen 2:24-25) and is a symbol of Christ and the Church (Eph 5:22-33). 

Marriage is important and the Family Ministry supports this by conducting the following:

  1. The Premarital Course 
  2. The Marriage Course 

Strengthening foundations for Christ-centred marriages will build homes where faith can be nurtured for both parents and children. 

Faith at Home

Parents are the greatest influence of their children just by the sheer amount of time they have with them. This is true for most, and for most parts of a child’s life. Concerning faith, it is no different. 

Nurturing the faith of children is, first and foremost, the calling of all Christian parents (Deut 6:4-9). Fathers are commanded to teach their children about who God is, so that they will put their hope in God and not forget His works (Ps 78:5-7). 

And because parents are the primary influencers of the faith of their children, the Family Ministry, through Faith at Home aims to:

  1. Have parents deeply understand their role as primary disciplers of their children
  2. Partner, equip and resource parents to carry out this divine mandate[1]
  3. Foster our church community to embrace this vision, so as the body of Christ, we will encourage and support parents in their role

We aim to spiritually equip and encourage parents through:

  1. Faith at Home equipping sessions 
  2. Dad and Mum groups

We also desire to strengthen parent-child relationships, as a means to keep the heart-to-heart connection, so that faith can be shared with one another. We aim to do this through partnership with our Children’s and Youth Ministries 

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