EXCEL Apprenticeship Scheme

The EXCEL Apprenticeship scheme was launched at the 2nd half of 2018, with 2 initial participants. The scheme involves 1-2 years of training for those interested in any form of full-time ministry in the future. It involves ministry experience, exploring some courses at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Bible-handling skills, in-house theological training and regular conversations about calling. A stipend is provided for the duration.

The scheme will be open for any interested participants, with intakes in January and July annually.

Read the stories of our brothers and sisters who decided to join the apprenticeship scheme here:

  • “As much as I enjoyed work and the unforgettable fellowship with my colleagues, it was really in the ministry of the Word where I found my greatest joy and most fulfilling moments in life. I felt the deepest joys and the Father’s heart most when proclaiming God’s Word and helping another person understand Jesus Christ more.” (Danny Chua, July 2019)
  • “… it is my prayer that the journey ahead in apprenticeship will help me learn and grow to be more effective in my witness. In this process, I also hope to discern whether the work of the Gospel is something I see myself doing as work long-term.” (Timothy Ong, February 2021)
  • “To have ‘teaching God’s Word; encouraging other women to know, love and obey Jesus’ as a job description is pretty incredible, isn’t it? Why go into full-time Christian ministry? Till Jesus returns, there’s gospel work to be done. It is certainly worth doing, and I have been offered the opportunity to do it. So, why not!” (Vanessa Lee, July 2021)
  • “Jesus is worth my undivided devotion. Jesus died in order to win salvation for undeserving sinners like me; what “cost” is there to what we can give Him in exchange for His gift to us? If I really am convinced of the value of Jesus and His death, what is spending a few years exploring ministry and being equipped to serve Him better? There is no “cost” to following King Jesus.” (Joel Khoo, July 2021)

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