Sermon Notes 24 May 2020

Speaker: Pastor David Wong

Ascension: Jesus Absent, Spirit Present
Acts 1:1-11

Crucifixion: the end?
Resurrection: no, only the beginning
Ascension: then, beginning of the end

1. Jesus Absent
John 16.7 Jesus goes, the Spirit comes
Earthly ministry comes to a close (mission accomplished, Luke 24.45-46)
Physical presence comes to an end
(preparation completed, Acts 1.3)

2. Spirit Present
“…you will be baptised with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 1.5)
Symbol becomes Reality
“…you will receive power” (Acts 1.8)

Words become Deeds

Wait, Witness, Watch

Reflection Questions

  1. What is one thing you took away from the sermon about Jesus, about the Holy Spirit?
  2. How did Jesus prepare His disciples for His absence?
  3. How does the Spirit “come alongside” us in our lives? The “Helper” (ESV) or “Counsellor” (NIV) in John 14-16 means “Someone who comes alongside”

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