EXCEL Apprenticeship

Written by Timothy Ong

Our new apprentice Timothy Ong shares what moved him to take this step towards full-time ministry:

I consider it my privilege to have grown up in a Christian family and home. Without asking many questions, I would follow my parents to church every Sunday. It was only in JC and army when I began to confront my faith more personally and struggled to make it my own.

By His grace, God led me through the wilderness and wandering of army and prompted me to come back to church again. A few young adults were looking to form a new Action Group (AG) at that time, and by a turn of events, I answered His call to serve as an AG leader.

Looking back, I see how God’s hand in many experiences to lead and guide me towards making this decision of joining as an apprentice. Through AG leading, He revealed to me the importance of His Word, and the central role it plays in each of our discipleship journey to grow in maturity and Christ-likeness. It was also through a series of courses and retreats organized by the church that shaped my perspective of the Christian life as a journey and challenged me to grow deeper in and to live out my faith, not just at work but in every sphere of my life. More recently, the opportunities to journey alongside others in God’s Word and help them know Him better opened my eyes to see how God is the One who works through His Spirit for His Name and for His glory, our role is only to faithfully and humbly witness to and for the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hence, it is my prayer that the journey ahead in apprenticeship will help me learn and grow to be more effective in my witness. In this process, I also hope to discern whether the work of the Gospel is something I see myself doing as work long-term. With the Lord’s help, I pray that this time and space will be used intentionally to hear His voice and seek His leading. Thank you for journeying with me and supporting me in your prayers.

If you are currently interested in exploring full-time ministry please contact Ps Dev at dev@zionbishan.org.sg for more information.

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