Announcements 16 May 2021

Annual Congregational Meeting 2021
29 May, Saturday, 4-6pm

ACM2021 will be held using an online/proxy format, due to COVID-19 measures. Please refer to your ACM notice for the YouTube link.
Questions submitted will be answered and posted on our website. URL may also be found on your ACM notice.
All members are kindly reminded to submit your Proxy Form via email OR drop boxes located at the Sanctuary entrance by 23 May.

Aging Gracefully, Living Fruitfully
30 Jul, 9.30am-4.30pm, Friday, Chapel

(Please note that the seminar has been postponed from 26 May to 30 Jul.)

Speakers Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon & Dr Ko Soo Meng will come and speak on the challenges and invitations of older adults on finishing well & living a full and fulfilling life.
Organised by The QuadC and hosted by Zion Bishan. Cost is $50 per attendee. As hosts, the first ten Zion Bishan registrations will be at $20!

For more information and registration, see
Once registered, the organisers will contact you subsequently.

Zion Bishan COVID-19 Advisory
Phase II – Heightened Alert

For latest COVID-19 advisories:

► As we reduce to 50pax in-person services, do stay in contact with your Congregation Shepherding Team (CST). Please ensure you are in at least one WhatsApp chatgroup with your Congregation or AG. Do approach your CST for any enquiries.

► Livestreaming will be available for all services:

► Children’s Discipleship (CD) will be suspended until further notice. Zoom classes are being planned. Further information and Family Activity sheets will be sent via the CD Telegram Channel –
If you need help or resources for nurturing faith at home, please contact

► Youth Discipleship (YD) classes will move online. Youth Fellowship (YF) will also move online; details will be updated on

► Action Groups will meet virtually. Contact if you require assistance with using Zoom.

► Let us be united in the Spirit of Christ and in prayer, for each other, for Zion Bishan and for Singapore and our national leaders for God’s wisdom to steer the country back into safer waters.

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