EXCEL Apprentices

We are glad to announce that from 1st August, Joel Khoo & Vanessa Lee will be coming on board as full-time EXCEL Apprentices. Listen to why they are choosing to #getlost for Jesus:

“Why not go into full-time ministry?”

Written by Vanessa Lee

“Why go into full-time Christian ministry?” Well, my (perhaps cheeky) answer would be, “why not go into full-time ministry?”

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that death is a real problem in this world. Never mind the death rate of Covid, the mortality rate of sin is 100%! The only solution, the only way to gain eternal life, is through faith and obedience in Jesus. And the Church is THE place on earth where Jesus is proclaimed. Where the Church flourishes and builds itself up, the gospel is advanced.

For the past two years, I have been training with a church in Glasgow. In this time, the Lord has been growing my convictions about what He is doing in this world, and how he does it. The best part is that He includes us, inviting us to join Him in fulfilling His salvation purposes. To be a part of God’s gospel-advancing, life-giving, church-building work then, is nothing short of a privilege!

In Ephesians 4, we see that God calls each one of us, as His disciples, to be involved with this work that He is doing. And Paul says it is the teaching of the Bible, particularly, that equips us for it. A full-time ministry role would mean I get even more time for teaching God’s Word, the primary way God equips all of us as His people to do His work.

In addition, the ministry model of women teaching women set out in Titus 2 has been significant in shaping my thoughts on how I can be useful here in Zion. Having had the blessed experience myself, I can attest to how fruitful it is when older godly women come alongside younger women. It is profitable, not just for the individual but for the whole church too, when women are invested in and encouraged to live as disciples of the Lord Jesus. Above all, God is glorified!

To have ‘teaching God’s Word; encouraging other women to know, love and obey Jesus’ as a job description is pretty incredible, isn’t it? Why go into full-time Christian ministry? Till Jesus returns, there’s gospel work to be done. It is certainly worth doing, and I have been offered the opportunity to do it. So, why not!

“Jesus is worth my undivided devotion”

Written by Joel Khoo

Whenever I’m asked why I’m considering full-time ministry, Mark 14 is the Bible passage that I’m reminded of. 2 years ago, as I was considering an internship with SMU Christian Fellowship (SMUCF), this was the passage that convicted me of my decision to spend time with SMUCF. This unnamed woman gave of her money in a very costly manner; many would consider it to be ridiculous. Even Jesus’ disciples thought it ridiculous. But that’s because she really understood the value of Jesus and His death. And she thought it valuable enough that it demanded a gift worth a year of her wages.

Jesus is worth my undivided devotion. Jesus died in order to win salvation for undeserving sinners like me; what “cost” is there to what we can give Him in exchange for His gift to us? If I really am convinced of the value of Jesus and His death, what is spending a few years exploring ministry and being equipped to serve Him better? There is no “cost” to following King Jesus.

Ministry has not been a walk in the park. But the time I’ve spent has been incredibly rewarding. God has been so gracious to me. It is so evident to me as I look back on my last 2 years. Even as I have endeavoured to give back to the community in SMUCF, I’ve been given more than I gave. So as I considered this apprenticeship in Zion Bishan, I know it will definitely be worth my time. I’m excited to explore how I can be serving and growing the body of Christ here in a full-time capacity.

I’m so thankful for many people who have come alongside me in the last 2 years. Many of you have been praying for me and supporting me. I was reminded as I left SMUCF: the best way I can be serving others in ministry is to be growing my own love for Jesus. So as I step into apprenticeship at Zion Bishan, do pray that I will remember the value of Jesus and His death, and continue to be single-mindedly devoted to Him.

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