Sermon Notes 3 October 2021

Speaker: Mr Danny Chua

Paul & the Murderous Sanhedrin

Acts 23

Acts 21-28 – The Final Section Overview

Paul’s Mission: as King Jesus’ chosen instrument to carry His Name and suffer for the sake of His Name before the Gentiles, the children of Israel and kings (9:15-16), and finally to Rome (19:21) to testify before Caesar (23:11; 27:24).

Graphic Source: The Bible Project – Acts Book Overview

Paul vs. the Jewish Council (22:30-23:10)

The Jewish persecution of Jesus, Paul & the Way is totally baseless and laughable

King Jesus Ensures Paul Safe Passage (23:11-35)

The mission to testify of King Jesus before the Emperor cannot be hindered

Closing Reflection

What do we mean when we say King Jesus is sovereign?

Why does Luke want us to understand the Lord’s sovereignty in the book of Acts?

Reflection Questions

  1. What struck or challenged you from the sermon or the passage?
  2. How has Luke given us gospel certainty through this episode of Paul’s Sanhedrin trial?
  3. What do we learn about the Jewish leaders from the way the act in this passage?
  4. Recall an instance in your life when Jesus’ sovereign hand was at work to help you be in a position to testify of Him. How exactly did that happen?

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