Sermon Notes 20 March 2022

Speakers: Ps Alby Yip (10.30am & 1 pm)
Ps Vernon Quek (3 pm & 5 pm)

Death Comes to All

Ecclesiastes 9:1-13-10:20

Intro: Qoheleth brings us back to Wisdom (9:13)

The Way of Wisdom #1: The tale of a poor, wise man (9:13-18)

The Way of Wisdom #2: Wisdom in a foolish world (10:1-20)

The Way of Wisdom in Ecclesiastes?

The Poor, Wise Deliverer…

Conclusion: Will you choose the Way of Wisdom in this broken world?

Questions for Discussion & Reflection

  1. Summarise what the Preacher has said about Wisdom in Ecclesiastes so far. What does our passage today add to our understanding of Wisdom?
  2. What does living the Way of Wisdom in this world mean for you? What are some real life examples of such living?
  3. How have you either witnessed or personally experienced the frustration of living wisely in this broken world? How does our passage today change the way that you respond to this frustration?
  4. How does remembering our Poor, Wise Deliverer help motivate us to choose the harder Way of Wisdom? Spend time dwelling on this as He helps us in so many ways!

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