Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church Welcome

Welcome to Zion Bishan!

Join us for our Sunday Services:
8.30am Mandarin/Cantonese service 华粤崇拜
9.30am Tamil/Hokkien service
10.30am/1.00pm/3.00pm/5.00pm English service (Register here)
11.30am Mandarin-English service
Registration required. Get in touch with our Pastors.

Livestream Sunday Services: 
8.30am Mandarin/Cantonese Livestream 华粤崇拜直播 (link) / Bulletin

View Chinese Service Livestream
8.30am Chinese Service

9.30am Tamil Service Zoom (Contact Ps Ebi)
10.30am English Livestream (link) / Bulletin
1.00pm English Livestream (link)
3.00pm English Livestream (link)
5.00pm English Livestream (link)

View English Service Livestreams
1.00pm English Service
5.00pm English Service
10.30am English Service
3.00pm English Service

Featured Announcements

Zion Bishan 27th Anniversary Service

30 Oct, Saturday, 5.00pm, Sanctuary Thank God for His faithfulness towards Zion Bishan! We will be holding a combined ethnic service on 30 Oct, 250pax (vaccinated) in-person and on livestream. Register: zionbishan.org.sg/27anvLivestream: zionbishan.org.sg/27live Learn how to...

Ministry Behind the Money

13 Nov, 10.00am-12.00pm, Saturday Our annual budget dialogue will resume this year, using an online format on Zoom. We will have a selection of 15 ministries presenting in breakout rooms, covering various aspects of...