Announcements 24 July 2022

MISSIONS MONTH 2022 – Where are the harvest fields at the Workplace?

1) Friday Prayer Meeting (Testimonies & Prayer) 
     – 29 Jul, 8-9pm via Zoom

2) Sunday Sermons at all 4 English services 
     – 31 Jul, Work & the Workplace

3) Ambassadors in the Marketplace Workshop 
     – 7 Aug, 1-3pm

Sign up for the Workshop & Prayer Meeting at


Starts 10th Aug, 730pm, over 4 Wednesdays

The next run of Christianity Explored (CE) starts in August! Come on board to journey alongside people exploring Christianity, and help them discover the Good News of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel. The training and actual CE sessions will both be in-person.

Contact to sign up for the CE Table Host training.

A SENIORS360 EVENT: Growing Hydroponic Plants at Home

13 August, Saturday 10.30am, In-person only at Fellowship Hall 

Come join us at this upcoming SENIORS360 event with Grace Mission Urban Farm. 

They will demonstrate on how to grow hydroponic plants at home. Join in the fun to grow your hydroponic plant and to bring them home thereafter. 

Do invite your non-Christian friends along!

To sign up:

Note: Bring a 350 ml or 500 ml used mineral water bottle for this activity. 


The PA team thanks those who’ve stepped up to serve and while it has helped reduce the resource gap, a deficit still stands to serve the 4 English services. 

The PA team is looking for volunteers for sound mixing, slide projection, livestreaming.

Please reach out to Dn Nicklaus at 9654 5649 for more details.

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