Sermon Notes 16 October 2022

The Glorious Ministry of the Saints

( 8.30am & 10.30am )
Speaker: Ps Vernon Quek
Ephesians 4:17-32                                                                                          

Intro: Caution! Floodgates opening!

  • Remember 4:1 & 11-16: Our glorious calling and ministry: ‘truthing in love’

i. The Key to Your Ministry: The Truth in Jesus (4:17-24)

  • Back to Ephesians 2: 

Before (v17-19)

After (v20-24)

ii. Floodgates Open: ‘Truthing in love’ Ministry (4:25-32)

  • Key Question: What do all these examples have in common?

Conclusion: Sending and Receiving Truth

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. How has today’s passage helped you to put off the Old and put on the New Self?
  2. Who has been a source of truth in love in your life? Give thanks for their ministry and encourage them to keep going in it!
  3. How is your ministry as a member of the Body going? How will you grow the ministry we are all called to?

Don’t Walk 

( 3pm & 5pm )
Speaker: Ps Dev Menon
Ephesians 4:17-32                                                                                          

Your Old Self

Your New Self 

Members of One Another

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. What do you remember from today’s sermon or passage?
  2. What does it mean that we are One in Christ?
  3. Knowing this – how do we walk?
  4. Knowing this – how do we not walk?

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