Sermon Notes 30 October 2022

Christ at Home

Speaker: Ps Ng Zhiwen / Mr Joel Khoo 
Ephesians 5:21-6:9                                                                                          

Introduction – Outdated Instructions?

Reflecting your Calling

Christ IS our Head 

Christ WILL be the Head of all things (1:22-23)

Relating to One Another – Submission & Responsibility

Wives and Husbands (5:22-33)

Children and Parents (6:1-4)

Bondservants and Masters (6:5-9)  

Conclusion – Out of Reverence for Christ (5:21)

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. Recall what you heard at the sermon. What principles should guide the way you relate to your wife/husband, child/parent, servant/master (or employee/employer)?
  2. What did the Lord convict you about during the sermon (or from this passage), concerning any of the 3 relationships?
  3. In practical terms, what change do you think you need to see in yourself? Put another way, how will you relate to your significant others in the Lord or as to the Lord? Ask the Lord for grace to do so. 

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