Sermon Notes 26 March 2023

Zion’s Blessings

Speaker: PS Alby Yip (8.30am & 10.30am)
Zechariah 8:1-23


Be Faithful

Be Strong

Be a Blessing


Discussion Questions:

1. What do you remember about the passage/message?

2. What is the relationship between your faithfulness to God and God’s faithfulness to you?

3. How does Zechariah 8 address life’s difficulties?

4. How are Christians to be a blessing in the world? 

Zion’s Blessings                                                            

Speaker: Mr Joel Khoo (4.30pm)
Zechariah 8   


God will bless Zion (v1-13)

So then, you can be…

              God’s Faithful City (v14-19)

              God’s blessing to the nations (v20-23)

Fear not, let your hands be strong (v9, 13)  

Discussion Questions

  1. How has this passage shaped how you view your relationship with God? What are some parts of the promises that struck you during the sermon?
  2. What might it look like for you to be God’s faithful city and God’s blessing to the nations? How does this passage give you confidence to do so?
  3. How has this passage encouraged you to “let your hands be strong… that the temple might be built” (v9)?

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