Session Meeting Highlights 28 May 2023

Session Meeting (15 May 23) Highlights

  1. Session approved the reallocation of budget to purchase a new copier as the old copier is aged and breaks down frequently.
  2. A panel will be formed with legal and accounting professionals to craft a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Zion Bishan and the newly incorporated Zion Bishan Kindercare Ltd.
  3. Session approved the partial support of Christy Chew (National Director of Interserve Singapore), and Reggie Ng (Co-Lead of Polytechnic Ministry, Singapore Youth for Christ). We will also mentor and grant a love gift to Lee Jia Hui (Polytechnic Ministry Staff in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore Youth for Christ).
  4. In line with the government’s approval for full in-person general meetings, Session shall adopt the following for the ACM
    a. Proxy forms will be allowed for members who are unable to vote in person.
    b. Proxies must be communicant members and must be present on the day of ACM.
    c. Matters other than election shall be approved by a proposer and a seconder. A show of hands will be asked for those who object.


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