Sermon Notes 6 Aug 2023

What Are We Reading?

( 8.30am & 10.30am )
Speaker: Mr Quek Tze-Ming
Revelation 1:1-8


God -> Jesus Christ -> Angel -> John (in the Spirit) -> Christian communities

Triune God


Apocalypse (v. 1): revealing heavenly and ultimate realities

Prophecy (v. 3): promising rescue and judgment

Letter (v. 4-5): answering every-day life issues


The Empire Strikes Back

The Phantom Menace


Things are not as they seem. 
Things are going to get worse before they get better.

Behold He is coming …” (v. 7-8)

What does it mean for our Triune God to be the one and only Ruler of the universe – in a world where other powers and authorities compete for our loyalty and worship? What does it mean for us to offer an alternative word and way of life in such a world?

Questions for Discussion and Reflection

  1. What do you personally find difficult about the Book of Revelation (e.g., how to sort out between various teachings on the end-times; what to do with the bizarre imagery; how to apply the book to my everyday life)?
  2. How does understanding the book as Apocalypse (revealing ultimate reality); Prophecy (promising rescue and judgment); and Letter (answering everyday-life matters) help?
  3. Even at this early stage, what would you propose – in one or two sentences – as the main ideas of Revelation? 
    (We can review and revise your answer during and at the end of the sermon series.)

What Are We Reading?

( 4.30pm )
Speaker: Mr Joel Khoo
Revelation 1:1-8


Blessed are those who hear…

            The Revelation of Jesus (v1-3)

            The Letter to the Churches (v4-5a)

                        … From the God who reigns

For Behold, He is Coming (v5b-8)

Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  1. How do you feel about reading the Book of Revelation? How does understanding what the book is (a revelation of reality & the future, a letter rooted in history) help us in reading the book moving forward?
  2. Do you see Revelation as a relevant and important book that you need to hear? How does today’s passage help us to see why we should listen to this book?
  3. What can we be praying for as we begin our journey into the Book of Revelation? 

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