Dn Paul Yeo

Ministry Staff (Chinese Ministries)
Phone: 9751 1897

Pray for God's continual equipping in ministry, relationships and personal growth.

Hokkien Service
Ensures that the Sunday worship services of the Hokkien Service are well coordinated and conducted.
Work with the worship service team, calling regular meetings to discuss, plan and fulfil the mission of the Hokkien ministry.
Involvement in the preaching and teaching ministry of the Chinese Services.
Exercise pastoral care over the worshippers and lay leaders of the Hokkien Service including but not limited to home and hospital visitations of those who are sick, absent and those who need out-of-church care and counsel.
Work towards, beyond the necessary maintenance, the continued growth of the Hokkien Service.
Work with the Senior360 Team to meet, plan and execute any such initiatives in fulfilment of the objectives of the Senior360 ministry.
Plan with the core group and oversee the smooth running of Monthly events for Seniors, looking out for opportunities to reach out to seniors with the Gospel.