The Living Room

The Living Room (TLR)

The Living Room has been a part of our church’s effort for the last 4 years to be a blessing to the Bishan neighbourhood. It provides a community platform for our neighbours to use and to enjoy, so that we can engage and befriend them. The current customer profile of TLR remains at around 89% non-members.

As a ministry platform, The LLR hosted 46 events organized by groups in and outside of church (such as private family celebrations, ACTs Marketing, Grace Assembly Church, Woodlands Evangelical Free Church, BSF and BGST Ministries, Zion Bishan Tuition, Care and CE ministries, etc), bringing in 1197 guests. We also ran the friendship meal 4 times last year with the highlight in December, where over 200 people were hosted to a free meal. The final night in December also featured gospel sharing. We will expand this effort to run 4 times in 2019, coinciding with Good Friday, Missions month, children’s/youth day and Christmas.

In addition, we continue to provide Christian tracts and books for our patrons, and a listening ear for those who are willing to share. These friendships formed will hopefully allow us to eventually channel these individuals to church and her various ministries to better reach out to them.

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