Prayer Points 25 April 2021

Our Church

Mission FocusThank God for today’s sharing on the upcoming Missions Month. Pray for the Urban Missions Conference and the team working on the workshops and prayer meetings coming up in July (see p8). Pray for our church to learn much about what God is doing and where the opportunities are to share the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Land Lease Renewal Fund Thank God we have crossed $11m! Thank God for His providence through His people. Pray for the application and renewal process to go smoothly. Let us continue to be good stewards of all the blessings God has given to us.

Bishan Home – has been in lockdown since Circuit Breaker. Pray for ways to go beyond our current virtual ministry with them, so that the residents can be better ministered to.

Our People

ACMPray for the organising team and for the upcoming Annual Congregational Meeting to be an encouraging time for us as we hear ministry updates and plans.

Our World

Chacko ThomasHis sister was promoted to glory this past Thursday, aged 68. She died of pneumonia;  her husband died 20 years earlier. Both were mighty warriors for the Lord having suffered much for the Gospel and she has left behind a strong ministry for the Lord. Please pray for the family, especially their son, Pastor Finny Abraham, as he copes with this loss as well as the COVID crisis confronting his church members, having lost 2 key leaders recently to COVID. Pray for God’s comfort and strength be upon him and all the family members.

Philippines – We praise God for the ministry of the Student Missionary Outreach (SMO) who teach God’s word and biblical values to high school and tertiary students. Pray for SMO Director Nenita Del Mundo who recently had 2 accidents that have led to swollen wrists and painful sides to her body.

India – The surge in new COVID cases has spurred Singapore to tighten travel restrictions for travellers from India.
Within India, many of our ministry partners face renewed lockdowns and closures. Our partner in West Bengal has had to close in-person programmes in one region. Pray that they will have wisdom to discern the situation, protection from COVID, courage to be used by God, and compassion to serve the needy children and families they serve. Pray that they will be able to think of ways to continue their programmes.

Singapore – Pray for the hundreds of dormitory workers that have been moved to quarantine facilities. Pray that their needs will be met and that their finances will not be severely affected with the stoppage of work. Pray also that the spread of COVID will be contained.

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