Sermon Notes 20 June 2021

Speaker: Mr Danny Chua (10.30 am & 1 pm)

#GettingReal About Growing Old

1 Corinthians 7:6-7, 17, 24, 35; Mark 10:17-31

Truth #1: Singleness is a gift from God – just as marriage is (1 Cor 7)
Lie #1: “Singleness is a sorry state Christians need to get out of ASAP”

  • “Each has his own gift from God one of one kind and one of another” (v.6-7)
  • ‘Paul’s Remain Rule’: “Lead the life that the Lord has assigned and called you to!” (v.17)
  • What ultimately matters?
    • Securing our undivided devotion to the Lord (v.35) because…
    • This temporal age is passing away (v.29,31)

Truth #2: God’s people must be the true, spiritual family for singles (Mark 10)
Lie #2: “Singleness means someone is doomed for lifelong loneliness…”

  • Every Christian sacrifices to follow Jesus but also gains a spiritual family
  • A 100x blessing in spiritual ‘homes’, brothers, sisters, parents! (v.30)
  • “Now in this time” – a present promise to be enjoyed in this life! (v.30)

Discussion Questions:

  1. How has 1 Cor 7 challenged your existing views about Christian singleness (and marriage)?
  2. Do you agree with Jesus’ promise that all His followers gain a spiritual family (Mark 10)? How much do you see this realized in (i) your Action Group, and (ii) your Congregation?
  3. Take a moment to reflect – in what ways may I have made it difficult for singles in our church to view their singleness as God’s gift to serve His people?
  4. If you are a single, how has singleness been a blessing and/or struggle for you? What can the Zion Bishan family do (or not do) to better love and serve you? 

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