Prayer Points 1 May 2022

Our Church

Fellowship Tea – Thank God that with the relaxed restrictions, fellowship tea can resume in the coming weeks. We pray that members will step up to help serve one another. Let your Shepherding Team know if you are interested to volunteer!

#DinnerChurch – Pray for the 3pm & 5pm Congregations as they embark on this new ministry to have Sunday evening family meals with one another. May it be a blessing to friends and visitors alike. 

Bishan Home – Positive COVID-19 cases have been detected in the home each day in the past week, with the total number coming to 39 residents and 9 staff members, with some having to be sent to A&E. Pray for strength & resilience for the remaining staff to be able to care for the rest of the residents well and depend on God’s mercy and grace to tide through this difficult time.

Soccer Ministry – Thank God for the resumption of activities at the end of last month and the recent addition of 3 kids and 1 youth. Pray for the ongoing efforts in building relationships with them, that the good news of Jesus can be shared through this ministry.

Our World

Nepal – Pray for our partners here in West and East Nepal as they faithfully reach out to unreached communities in this mountainous land. We thank God for the small number of special needs children that our West Nepal partner has been able to care for. Most of these children have autism and we are thankful for a small team from Zion Bishan who have regular online meetings with the ones caring for these special needs children. May these sessions help provide quality care and education for children with autism.

Ukraine – Many Ukrainians braved shelling across the country to go to Church this past Sunday, 24 Apr, to commemorate Orthodox Easter and also to mourn for loved ones killed. News reports estimate that 5.2 million Ukrainians have fled the country, with another 7.7 million displaced within Ukraine (The Straits Times, 25 Apr 2022). Pray for God’s comfort for the people facing displacement, uncertainty and vulnerability. May Christians continue to provide and show Christ’s love to those in need.

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