OT Overview Devotions (Week 12: Joshua 24 – Judges 3:6)

Day #1:

In our last passage we were left with Joshua taking over from Moses at his death. Now, we are at Joshua’s death. Read Joshua 24 & compare it with Deuteronomy 30-31. What are some similarities? Why is that significant?

What are we now expecting to happen to future generations of Israel? Take time now to speak to God about how you feel about this!

Day #2:

Read Judges 1:1-2:5. How well does Israel do after Joshua’s death? Note the repetitions and reference that with Numbers 33:50-56.

Day #3:

Read Judges 2:6-15. What more do we learn about Israel’s hearts? How does it help us understand the reason for their actions before?

Day #4:

Read all of Judges 2:6-3:6. What is the pattern that is set up for us here? Why does God allow Israel to repeat this pattern? How does that highlight Israel’s heart problem?

Day #5:

Look at Judges 2:6-3:6 again. What do we learn about the role of the judges? How significant are they in dealing with Israel’s heart problem?

What have you learnt about man & their hearts this week? What have you learnt about what is needed to deal with this heart problem? Take time now to speak to God about what you have learnt about this heart problem.

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