Prayer Points 5 June 2022

Our Church

Pentecost Sunday – Today is Pentecost Sunday, when the Church worldwide remembers how it began: as a community made alive to witness for Jesus by the coming of the Spirit of God. We thank God for:

a. God’s grace: Pentecost is God’s gift. No one helped, no one assisted, everyone was just waiting for the promise of the Father (Acts 1:4), and God acted (breathed!).

b. God’s power: Pentecost is God’s power. This power is not to feed the human desire for power over people (“at this time will you restore the kingdom?” the disciples asked in Acts 1:6). But it is an irresistible power to fulfil God’s desire for people to be saved.

Pray that we who are recipients of God’s grace and power will now join in His mission for the world, using all available means. 

Reception of Members – Thank God for all those who are being received into membership today! May we welcome them with open arms into our AGs and our church family. May the Lord continue to fill them with His love and shape them into the likeness of Christ.

Leadership – We thank God for the ordination of Elder Chan Kin Yip and the installation of Dn Herman Low & Dns Larissa See last Sunday. May the Lord be with them as they serve in these official roles. We thank God also for the many years of service of Ps Haoren, Ps Kew & Elder Jeffrey, who have stepped down from Session, and Dn Sunil, Dn Timothy & Dns Liu-Wei who have stepped down from BOD. May the Lord direct them as they continue to serve His people here at Zion Bishan in other capacities.

AG Leaders – Pray for the many AG leaders who are taking a break from their teaching ministry in the month of June that it will be a refreshing and restful time for each of them.

Our People

Daniel Tay – We praise God that the surgery went very well and the tumor was removed with almost all the major organs preserved. His right abdominal muscles were removed and reconstructed using muscle from his right thigh. Let us continue to pray for his recovery, for protection against infection and other post-surgery side effects. Pray also for a successful skin graft operation this week to close the wound in his thigh after swelling subsides.

Our World

Philippines – Praise God for a good mission trip last week to visit 20 families in Carol-an (on top of a mountain) and 20 families in Ilog, Kabankalan (an island-like area reached by boat). Beneficiaries were very grateful and teary eyed as they received food packs, seeds to plant, solar generator lights and materials to repair their broken roofs and homes. Praise God that one of the SMO’s workers and his helpers are conducting weekly bible studies in Ilog, and hopefully a church will be established in the area.

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