Prayer Points 31 July 2022

Our Church

Bishan Home – It has been 4 months since the first COVID case was detected and strict measures had to be implemented. Thank God the situation is now under control, following the last case that happened 2 weeks ago. Uphold in prayer the ministry team’s plans to resume some of the in-person activities in August.

Looking Into Full Time – Thank God for the 5 participants who joined us at our dialogue session last Sunday to find out more about full-time paid gospel ministry. Pray that the Lord of the harvest will empower Zion Bishan to continue discipling and training many more to consider joining our EXCEL Apprenticeship Scheme to explore this path of Christian ministry.

Our World

Climate Change – In the midst of the heatwaves and lack of rainfall, happening in recent months over much of Europe, both the environment, farmers and residents in these regions have been adversely affected. On 23 Jul, World Health Organisation’s (WHO) European Office said that the heatwave in Europe has caused over 1,700 deaths in Spain and Portugal alone. Even in relatively stable Singapore, our government is taking the implications of global warming for Singapore seriously. Pray for governments to demonstrate will and leadership to implement recommended solutions. Pray for God to have mercy on the communities struggling with extreme weather and may Christians do their part in taking measures to care for God’s creation.

India – One partner has embarked on tailoring and tuition projects to empower local villagers and help uplift the community. Pray that these initiatives will enable the gospel to go forth to these unreached communities. The needs of the various fields are great (e.g. education support for needy students, moral and spiritual development for tribal communities, heath issues faced by believers), pray for the Lord’s provision of needs in His good time and also for God’s peace and comfort to be with them. Pray also for obedient and committed believers who can disciple and care for new believers in the growing churches here.

Myanmar – The people of Myanmar continue to face challenges with food supply due to many factors. Thank God that our partner, who is a Pastor, was able to distribute bags of rice to his own congregation and the neighbourhood near their church. This was made possible through the help of our church’s Missions Relief Fund (MRF). May the friendships and love shown through these acts of kindness lead them to find Christ, the source of all truth and good things.

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