Prayer Points 2 October 2022

Our Church

Tuition Ministry – Pray for the students and children amongst us who are in the midst of their examinations (PSLE, N Levels etc.), that they will be able to remember and apply all they have learnt from their teachers and tutors, and give all glory to God. Pray too for the parents to have God’s peace in their hearts, that they will learn contentment with their children doing their best, and that they will entrust the process and outcome into the loving hands of God.

Our World

Nepal – Pray for the ZB church team currently in Nepal. Thank God for the provision of a mountain flight up to D city. They will need to trek for a few days (with horses) up to village DT. Pray for a safe trek and fruitful ministry and fellowship along the way. Pray that they will not encounter altitude sickness and be well. They will need flights in early October to return to the plain areas. These have not been booked. Pray for the provision of a flight for them as the alternative return journey over land will be much longer and riskier.

Lebanon – The situation in Lebanon continues to be dire as banks continue to be mostly closed to the public. Our ministry partner requests prayer for his nation and staff team as all are weary, discouraged, and angry by the prolonged economic crisis.  May our Lord renew his strength and encourage his heart. Thank God for the humanitarian and the Bible Institute work that his centre is engaged in. 

India – Pray for peace and comfort to be with our ministry partner as they grieve the Homegoing of Brother B on 29 Sep, this past week. Last year, we had prayed for Brother B on various occasions since we heard of his major road accident in Feb 2021. He had faced many losses in his life already by then, his wife passed away in 2020 due to Covid, leaving him with two young daughters. God had mercifully spared his 4-year-old daughter from injury, whom he was carrying at the time of the accident. However, he was badly injured and had to undergo major amputation followed by a long recovery period. As he had no way to care for the children since the accident, the youngest was given up for adoption. Thank God that despite his many health and physical challenges, he was faithful in ministering to his small congregation in his hometown. May the God of peace comfort all who mourn for this brother, especially his 5-year-old daughter who has now lost both parents.

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