Prayer Points 23 October 2022

Our People

KY – Today, we are thankful to have commissioned KY to her work with Habibi international. Praise God for KY’s heart to serve an unreached and internally displaced people (IDP) in West Asia through Habibi International. May she and her team have wisdom and creativity in developing the Mental Health and Psycho-social support programme for this group.

Our Church

Zion Bishan’s 28th Anniversary Service (29 Oct) – Thank God that we can gather to celebrate God’s mercies to Zion Bishan in the last 28 years. We also rejoice with our brothers, Paul Yeo & Ng Zhiwen, as they are ordained as ministers of the gospel at this same service. Service will begin at 4pm, followed by dinner fellowship.

Christianity Explored (CE) – With the recent run concluding last Wednesday, we thank God for the 8 seekers who came and the opportunity we had to extend friendship and the hospitality of Christ to them. Pray for open doors in our AGs and communities, where Spirit-led friendships can continue and they can learn what it means to follow our Lord Jesus together.

Cantonese Mandarin Service Gospel Sunday (30 Oct) – Pray for good turnout and for the Gospel message to be well received.

Our World

Nepal – Thank God for the safe return of the second Nepal team, who was helping to do the special needs training in West Nepal. Praise God for a good time of learning how to help the special needs children communicate and learn better. There was much opportunity for theory and hands-on learning. Pray that these lessons will be implemented well and produce good fruit in the behaviour of the special needs children. Half of Nepal team 1 has also returned and brought good reports of the work in West Nepal.  Pray for the one remaining team member, that he will have fruitful times of fellowship and ministry in the various centres of our partner.

India – One partner in North India gave an encouraging report of a recent Family Conference for their workers. Praise God that the conference attendance grew from 17 families in 2019 to 66 families in 2022. The teaching sessions on marriage, parenting were helpful for the couples while the teenagers and children had their own teaching sessions, learning about prayer and how to study the Bible. Thank God for the gifts of equipment to a few church planters that is useful for worship services and gospel work.

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