Missional Communities

By Ps Dev Menon

How effective is a new congregation?

Over the last year, the afternoon congregations have closely monitoring our ‘stats’ so-to-speak. Despite being generally smaller, we have had close to 200 unique newcomers at the 3pm service, with about 30+ who have stayed on and joined AGs – with some signing up for baptism or transfer. The 5pm has had close to 100 unique visitors, with about 20 who have stayed. All this is thanks to the hard work who have been doing the personal follow-up.

We know from extensive research[1] among urban churches, that new groups – assuming they have a trained leader and an initial critical mass of committed believers – tend to be much more effective in reaching newcomers for Christ and are more intentional in discipling one another. Generally, they are known to be more missional.

We also know that once a group reaches a certain size or has been meeting for a certain duration, it tends to turn inwards and is more concerned about existing members than newcomers. Generally, they are known to become more comfortable.

That is why, despite the fact we are now consolidating the afternoon congregations into a single 4.30pm congregation co-led by Pastor Vernon and myself, we are still intentionally working towards training new leaders to start new groups in the future.

In fact, we want to do this more aggressively. Train new leaders, to start new AGs. Train new shepherds, to start new congregations and plant new churches. We will be allocating more of our time and energy into doing this.

Friends, if we want to reach more for Christ, forming Missional Communities is something that must become part of ZB’s DNA. It is time to #getsent for the kingdom!

[1] https://redeemercitytocity.com/articles-stories/why-plant-churches

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