Hebrews #4 2:5-18

Day 1

Recall what we learnt in the last passage. What details helped you appreciate Jesus more? How has it encouraged you to pay attention to Jesus & his message of salvation? Take some time to speak to our Father and thank Him for what he’s revealed to you.

Day 2

Pray to our heavenly Father for help to understand His words and pay attention to His message.

Read Hebrews 2:5–18. What else do we learn about Jesus in this passage? Who is He being compared to this time?

Day 3

Take note of the OT quotes in the passage. Look at Psalm 8 & its surrounding context. How does it help us better understand what the author is saying?

Day 4

Today, read through OT quotes in V12-13 (from Psalm 22:22 & Isaiah 8:17-18) and the surrounding verses in Psalm 22 & Isaiah 8. What does it tell us about Jesus and what he’s come to do?

Day 5

Read the passage in its entirety again. What does Jesus achieve for us? How is He able to achieve that? How do you feel about Jesus now? Pray to God and speak to Him about it.

Reflection Song

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