Prayer Points 12 February 2023

Our Church

ZBCS 32nd Anniversary – Thank God for leading ZBCS in the past 32 years, growing from one Cantonese service that started in Ling Kwang Home to the current four services (Mandarin, Cantonese-Mandarin, Mandarin-English and Hokkien) today. Pray that God will continue to grow ZBCS congregations towards the Church’s Next Lap vision and continue to worship and serve in unity. Please also continue to pray for health of the seniors and God to move more of them to return to on-site worship.

English as Second Language (ESL) –  Weekly classes resume tomorrow after a break at the end of last year. Pray for our teachers as they seek to hold out God’s love to the students through the teaching of these classes. Pray that students’ hearts will be soft ground to hear God speak through His word, and that they may respond to Him.

    Our World

    Turkey / Syria – Last week, two powerful earthquakes, one at 7.8 magnitude and the other, hours later, at 7.5 magnitude devastated Turkey and Syria. The Straits Times (7 Feb) reported that the strength, timing, location of it in a populated region and poor construction, all make these series of quakes one of the deadliest in the last 10 years.  The expected death toll was already in the thousands last Wednesday and is expected to rise to tens of thousands in the coming days. Sister KY in West Asia shared that she also felt the quake but she is safe where she is. Pray for the rescue work that is currently underway. May the light and love of God bring comfort to those in crisis in this region.

    Myanmar – This week, one partner, Ps J is visiting Singapore. He requested prayers for peace and stability for Myanmar as there is still unrest and conflict in some parts of Myanmar. Pray for the church in Myanmar to remain steadfast in their trust and faith in the Lord. May the light of Christ shine brightly through the believers in Myanmar, especially to the young people who face great discouragement in the current situation.

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