Sermon Notes 19 February 2023

Joshua the High Priest … and a Branch

Speakers: Mr Quek Tze-Ming / Ps Dev Menon
Zechariah 3:1-10


Joshua the High Priest has a Problem

Joshua the High Priest gets a Make-Over

Joshua the High Priest is a Sign


“I will remove the iniquity of this land in a single day” (v. 9) 

“every one of you will invite his neighbor to come under his vine and under his fig tree.” (v. 10)

Questions for Reflection & Discussion:

  1. In the vision, what is Joshua’s problem? Answer by explaining: what the setting of the vision is; what Joshua’s filthy garments mean; and what Satan the accuser is doing. 
  2. How does God respond to Joshua’s problem (vv. 2-5)? In what ways are Joshua and his priest friends a sign for this “Branch” (v. 8)?
  3. When does God fulfil his promise to remove sin in a single day (v. 9)? Read Heb 10.11-14.
  4. In what ways does this vision encourage you and your church community?

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