A Light to the Nations

Mr Timothy Ong

And many nations shall join themselves to the Lord in that day, and shall be my people.
Zechariah 2:11

Recently, I have been reflecting on God’s heart and His love for every people. Throughout Scripture, God’s desire has always been for people of the nations to come to Him and have relationship with Him. This verse from Zechariah, for example, gives us a glimpse into how big the heart of God actually is. We see it too in Jesus’ Commission to His disciples to go make disciples of all nations in Matt 28:19-20. I must say I am certainly still grasping the magnitude and scope of this, but this is perhaps where I can and must make the Apostle Paul’s prayer as my own, to continually comprehend the measure of the love of Christ (Ephesians 3:14-19).

What makes this garden-city state of Singapore unique is how we are actually home to peoples from various nations. As we consider our Mission to be a City on a Hill, a Light to the Nations, we thank God for the ample opportunities to cross cultures and reach other people groups that have been presented to us right at our doorstep! As disciples of Jesus, each one of us are sent daily to be on Mission for Him. We are on Mission wherever we go, and we can begin where we are.

Praise God for the myriad ways in which we, the family of God here at Zion Bishan, have been faithfully holding out the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone around us: Bishan Home, Christianity Explored, Domestic Helpers Fellowship (DHF), Guest Workers Outreach, English as a Second Language (ESL), Living Room, Seniors360, Soccer and Tuition. These are our local outreach ministries and the different ways in which we see every people of all demographics and backgrounds: young and old, local and international, being able to draw closer to God, receive and experience the friendship and hospitality of Christ. In all these ways that we have been bringing the light and hope of Christ to all nations, I thank God for each one of you who have been serving, and for your partnership in the Gospel.

Church, the Gospel we proclaim is for every person, and we want to be a church for every people. The gospel efforts of these ministries can only be sustained and grow if each one of us play a part. So Iet us rally together and support the work of each of these ministries, in order that we may continue shining the light of the Gospel and being a light to the nations!

Whether you are currently able to begin serving, or looking to do so in the near future, find out how you can partner with us in reaching the nations at: bit.ly/ZBHMserve

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