Sermon Notes 19 March 2023

Fake Religion

Speaker: Mr Danny Chua
Zechariah 7:1-14

Intro: 2 years after the visions…

Israel’s Fake Religion…

During the Exile… (70 years) 

Before the Exile… (Israel’s fathers) 

After the Exile… (Zech’s generation)

Fake Religion defined: Diamond-Hard Hearts & Blocked Ears (v. 8-12)

True Religion: Changed Hearts that Love God & Neighbor 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What was the problem with God’s people and their fasting (v.4-6)?
  2. How does Zechariah describe the problem of fake religion (vv.8-12)? What is the connection between having “diamond-hard hearts” and refusing to listen to God?          
  3. What is true religion to God? What does Jesus say about this in Mark 12:28-34?
  4. How can we fight the danger of fake religion in our congregation/AGs? How can we help each other not harden our hearts when we hear God’s voice (Heb 3:12-14)? 

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