Hebrews #11 C. 3-7 Reflection

For this week’s devotions we’ll spend some time pulling together some of the big themes that we’ve seen throughout CH 3-7. Do spend some time to re-read Ch 3-7 again slowly and consider what we’ve learnt in those chapters.

Day 1

Read Hebrews 3:1-4:13. How do you feel about the call to “not harden your hearts” (3:8) and to “strive to enter the rest” (4:11)? How have you been striving to enter the rest these last few weeks? Take some time to speak to our heavenly Father about it.

Bonus: How have we progressed in our understanding of “Rest” so far?

Day 2

Read Hebrews 4:14-5:10. What did we learn about our Great High Priest here? How does that help you to draw near to the throne of grace in your times of temptation and need?

Day 3

Read 5:11-6:20. What were the warnings & encouragements we have heard in this passage? How does it build on the warnings that we’ve previously seen in Ch 3-4? (Hint: look at the Day 1 Diagram)

How have you been challenged by the warnings? What would it look like for you to “go on to maturity?”

Day 4

Read 7:1-28. We learnt about Jesus, our perfect forever High Priest, who intercedes for our sins before God forever! How does that encourage you now in your struggle with sin?

Day 5

One of the big things that the author is doing is growing our confidence in our high priest Jesus, so that we draw near to the throne of grace. Why might we need this confidence ‘today’ given what we’ve seen about our hearts? Why do we need this confidence as we strive to enter the rest?’

Perhaps you’re feeling no more confident, maybe even feeling un-assured. Regardless of your confidence now, what better thing to do than to spend time now speaking to God our Father about where your heart is, and ask for his help.

Reflection Songs

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