Prayer Points 14 May 2023

Our Church

Mother’s Day – Thank God for our mothers here in the Zion Bishan family, for their patience and love in all that they do for our families. Thank God too for the women in our midst who are also giving sacrificially and playing the role of mother and spiritual parent in the lives of us and for others. Pray also for those who may be hurting this Mother’s Day, whether in loss or in longing, that they will experience the comfort of God through His Spirit and the saints.

EXPLORE Internship 2023 – Thank God for our 5 Interns (Fiona, Grace, John, Phoebe, & Sam). For the last 9 weeks, they’ve been journeying together through Bible studies, workshops, exposures through the different ministries in church. We’re thankful for how they’ve grown in their faith and relationship with God. This week is their last week; they’ll be volunteering at the Doulos Hope. Pray that it’ll be a good exposure for them as they interact with other staff, volunteers, and visitors to the ship. As the internship ends, pray also that they will take what they have learnt with them, and their hearts will continue to grow in hunger for God and His work.

Our World

India – The Straits Times (10 May) reports that the northeast region of Manipur that was in conflict is “slowly limping back to normal”. The death toll is 62, with 230 injured, 35,000 displaced and 1,700 houses burnt by protesters. Pray that this region’s peace talks would be successful in helping to return peace to this area. 

Praise God for the smooth running and cooler weather for a discipleship training last week for 103 Telugu and Kannada participants. This was a special blessing since the weather can be very hot with temperatures greater than 40 degrees celsius in this season. Pray for 2 partners (one in the Hindi Belt region and another in the northeast hills) to have good workers’ meetings this week as they plan for the year ahead and for the workers to be refreshed and encouraged by the Holy Spirit.

Myanmar – Our partner in Myanmar shared that a powerful cyclone called Mocha is expected to make landfall on the Bangladesh-Myanmar coasts this weekend or early next week. They are fearful of the damage this storm is likely to cause along its path. Pray that the communities along the coasts will be protected from loss of life and that there will be minimal damage to property. 

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